Satori World Medical, based in San Diego, gives patients from the United States access to first class surgeons and hospitals around the world. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steven Lash founded Satori to provide high quality surgery at reasonable prices. Satori World Medical provides a wide range of common but expensive surgeries including cardiac, orthopedic, and cosmetic. Patients who use the hospitals and surgeons associated with the company receive care that meets or exceeds the levels found in the United States, yet pay considerably less for their surgery.

Satori World Medical carefully monitors the quality of all of its foreign hospitals and surgical centers. Dr. Ron Johnson leads the quality department and conducts on-site visits to each of the affiliated hospitals. He reviews statistics on surgical outcomes and ensures that they exceed published outcomes from medical institutions in the United States. Patients often discover that the hospitals in the network provide higher quality care than most domestic medical centers. All surgeons in these facilities have received top medical training. Members of the support staff at the hospitals speak English, and the nurse-to-patient ratio is often considerably higher than the ratio at most hospitals in the United States.

Employers and insurers work with Satori to share the cost savings with the patients. As part of the Health & Shared Wealth Program™, employers agree to deposit a portion of the patient’s savings into a Health Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account. In addition, procedures performed under the auspices of Satori do not have co-pays or deductibles. Employers can expect to save between 40 and 80 percent on their employees surgeries. All surgery costs include travel for the patient and a companion, lodging, concierge, and chauffeur service as well as normal medical expenses.

The company's innovative services have won accolades from Entrepreneur Magazine, which featured the company and CEO Steven Lash on its June 2009 cover. To learn more about the options offered through Satori World Medical, visit the website at

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