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Areas of Expertise

  • Integrating technology with hands on exploratory science learning.
  • Incorporate higher order thinking question to improve and heighten conceptual understanding of science concepts.
  • Teaching to meet the different needs and learning styles of the individual learner. 
  • Support and facilitate students’ communication, independence, ability to problem solve and compromise, and to respectfully consider and respond to the ideas of others while working in collaborative groups.
  • Incorporate research and project based learning as a tool to further explore and deepen understanding of content and areas of interest.

Work History


5th Grade Science Teacher

Oak Forest Elementary

As a 5th grade science teacher I am responsible to teach all Texas TEKS to two groups of Gifted and Talented learners (each group contains about 25 students) and one group of neighborhood learners. In each classroom students are learning by creating, discovering and inventing. I am also on the school leadership team. As part of the leadership team I work with administration to build a positive climate and culture within our school.


5th Grade Math and Science Teacher

Katherine Smith Elementary

As a 5th grade science and math teacher was  responsible to teach all Texas TEKS to two groups of at risk learners (each group contains about 28 students) and one group of neighborhood learners. While working with this population of students I worked in student centered small groups, conducted tutorials before and after school school and worked closely with parents to ensure academic success. 



Wichita State University

Overall GPA 3.8

At Wichita State University I received a bachelors in Education.Each semester I maintained and academic high achieving status.