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A results minded achiever, complimented with knowledgeable & relevant experience that spans over a decade within the real estate community & remains passionately motivated & ultimately driven based on models of success that focus from the pinnacle horizon's of leadership narrowing towards the recognition of efforts on an individual level of scale, acknowledging the vital contributions that bring positive growth overall




University of Phoenix

Bachelors of Science


Criminal Law

Axia College

Associates of Arts

Work experience

May 2012Present


Shayz CRE Consulting

Southern California, CA   Advocating for small business as representation, consultation & advisement in Tenant's interest & Vendor's interest through the real estate sales & leasing, property mangement budgeting, timing & contractual negotiation processes with focus on the represented client's overall establishment & growth expectations, while remaining grounded in fudicary responsibility for the cliet's welfare & future success portrayed in a sense of personal regard & ownership on their behalf to seek out, identify & commit to options that best fit their unique situation, committed to building & maintaining business relationships through dedication in transparency in business dealing while deveoping, promoting & expanding visibilty through networking & interpersonal relations for prospecting

Feb 2011Mar 2012

General Manager (Property Management & Onsite Leasing)

Regus Management Ltd

Century City, CA  Demonstrating early, through motivational drive & accomplishments by continually exceeding the goals & targets that Leadership  would outline each month resulting in the highest level of retention of Tenant's within the Los Angeles region, by which also put a spot light on the entire area by surpassing the front-runners to gain the #1 spot in the nation for quantity of deals done, retention, occupancy, & revenue; Rising above amongst peers, management could plainly see results of: obtaining a twenty-six (26%) increase in occupancy (bringing the total to 100%) in under three (3) months by means of inventing & cultivating a presence through networking on various levels with new & existing clients to develop new/qualified business leads, & grew strong relationships to enhance revenue stream, resulting is larger lead flow & more deals getting done while implemented new marketing methods & campaigns utilizing social media, internet based classifieds, real estate web groups & forums to create a niche for our products & services which had previously gone unnoticed, further resulting in a dramatic response from the public in terms of new lead generation, growth in pipeline quantities, easier achievement of monthly sales goals, expanded customer baseas well as, occupying personal time with networking events, city chamber of commerce, volunteering & getting involved in the surriounding community; Demonstrating a true passion for customer service by proactively seeking ways to surprise and delight clients & prospects, always going above & beyond which harbored in higher retention levels (averaged between 75%-100%), an increase of overall center revenue (averaging 9% monthly), & a broadening of qualified leads through referrals; Developed an image of being highly visible, transparent & always available to assist clients whenever the needs presented themselves with a flexible and helpful“ legendary service” approach resulting in higher client satisfaction, an increase of lead referrals, & an uptick on positive reviews made to corporate; Created a better revenue stream which also positively impacted the occupancy of our centers through properly listening & responding to the needs of prospects, R&D of properties, market trends, territory based changes & effectively closing sales confidently resulting in national attention & recognition of my efforts from corporate executives;  Maintaining an ever-increasing level of working knowledge in real estate trends & technology in current IT resulting in the ability to foresee, assess & execute client's needs of ancillary services & eventual growth of their business which lead to higher client satisfaction, higher retention, higher referral rates & lead generation, higher overall profitability of the centers

Jun 2009Feb 2010

Commercial Portfolio Manager

CORE Realty Holdings

Newport Beach, CA   By ways of founding, creating processes & impletmenting policies & procedures for lease tracking, follow up, lease/sales pipelines & lease abstracting in Yardi resulting in streamlined procedures used by whole company to determine status, correspondence & lease terms specialized in the creation of various essential reports for optimal organization of the commercial portfolio resulting in not only having everyone having a better understanding of each property's performance, dynamics and specializations at a glance, they were focused efforts between budget preparation/forecasting, CAM Reconciliations, vendor relations, vendor contract negotiations resulting in a reduction of overhead costs Accelerated & coordinated departmental correspondence & Tenant/Vendor relations follow up combined for the discovery of billing decrepancies by way of capturing extra revenue that was being lost & additionally brought benefits resulting in higher collectible income; Overall awareness & understading of the functionalities, accountability & responsibilities of each department became streamlined which paved for broader definition of the company's standards & presence through conducting on-site tours of properties, increased visibility/transparency through taking the time to meet with individual Tenants & addressing any needs/concerns which was contributing to the promotion of Tenant confidence, while surveying the propertiers exteriors to determine if any additional work needed to be done, and ensuring the accountability & integrity of vendors leading to higher Tenant satisfaction.

Nov 2005May 2009

Retail Outlet Lease Coordinator

Craig Realty Group

Newport Beach, CA   By ways of establishing as hub of communications for the entire leasing  team, the creation, implementation & advisement onto software upgrades to CRM by which serving as a company laision to the software developers, as well as, the overall layout and user friendliness of new software which resulted in tailor made adjustments and additions to the product to accurately support the success of the company, gained the confidence, recognition, and position within the acompany by seemlessly operating leasing pipe-lines, analysis, goals & target deadlines for leasing/sales/portfolio to successfully manage prospects, renewals & expansions/relocations, assignmerts, amendments & all other legal documentation relating to each Tenant, property, region & assigned leasing representative resulting in on-point communications with leasing team/center team/executive team ensuring that everyone could know the status of each action item without anything falling through the cracks Assisted leasing executives, VP of leasing, legal counsel, and president with leasing & property related issues tasks driving gains in inter-departmental success, while researching & creating prospect lists for each center based on demographic analysis & extensive knowledge of any existing Tenant's radius/competition restrictions resulting in achieving optimal tenant mixes & a more commanding presence & assurances with tenant representatives, brokers & competitors; Through aiding accounting & legal, streamlining policies & procedures for leasing tracking, abstracting & other correspondence based documents resulting in few items getting lost, a reduction in the use of paper, electronic filings on our servers & significantly attributed to the overall lowering overhead cost