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As an Information Technology major, I am extremely interested in gaining experience in the field of Software Development. The classes I have pursued for my undergraduate degree, such as Introduction to Programming and Design and Analysis of Algorithm have given me a solid academic foundation in this area. Undertaking an internship will provide me with the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a real world software development, as well as develop the algorithmic, programming and problem solving skills I have acquired through my work experience.


Aug 2013Jul 2017


Netaji Subash Institue of Technology

The college gave me the boost to learn coding and helped in every niche of my journey to pursue my passion in software development.

Work experience

Dec 2014Jan 2015

Tech Leader


I worked there as a tech leader. I was supposed to make games on java and make students make them. It was basically to teach them technology.

Skills acquired

  • Have a good command on C, Python, Flask(Python based web framework) and front end web development
  • Have working knowledge of Java
  • Basics of PHP and Android App Development.
  • Some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop.

Interest and Achievements

  • Board Member of CSI-NSIT

  • Organised various events like RoboWars, WordsWarth, MathWrath etc in college cultural fest which turned to be mega events.

  • Represented Delhi at National Children Science Congress and Indian Science Congress

  • Awarded as Best Student twice at school


  • Sandeep Bhagi (Ex-CEO, Apple India)
  • Anshul (Founder, CampK12; Post-graduate form MIT)