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  • Dr. Sarphan Uzunoglu is an Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism at the Department of Communication Arts, Lebanese American University.
  • Before LAU, he worked as an Associate Professor in UiT Arctic University of Norway Language and Culture Department and as a senior lecturer at Kadir Has University (Istanbul) in New Media, and Public Relations and Information Departments.
  • Uzunoglu got his PhD degree from Galatasaray University Media and Communication Studies program. He wrote his PhD thesis on the precariousness of journalistic labour in Turkey's journalism industry, and technological, political and financial factors lying behind this process of precarization. Before his PhD studies, he got his MA degree from Kadir Has University New Media Graduate Program after finishing his thesis titled Resistance From Within Hegemony: Rise of Semi-Anonymous Resistance in Turkey's New Media Environment.
  • Uzunoglu is also a founder of (backed by The Guardian Foundation),, TGS Academy (Journalists’ Union of Turkey Academy) and Media Innovation and Technology Network of Turkey (, as well as a regular contributor to Punto 24, Medyapod podcast network and other independent media organizations. Uzunoğlu has a popular podcast show in Turkey titled Haber Ekonomisi (focusing on newsonomics) and a new podcast show on digital politics titled Bulut Partisi (which can be translated as cloud party).
  • Before his academic career, Uzunoglu worked in Turkish Grand National Assembly as a political communication advisor for Sırrı Süreyya Önder (a former MP for Pro-Kurdish/Leftist opposition party HDP); and in Agora Publishing as an editor. 
  • Uzunoglu is one of the signatories of Academics for Peace declaration, and his sentence has been deferred by two years.


2014 Sept.2017 Sep.

PhD in Media and Communication Studies

Galatasaray University

Wrote his PhD thesis regarding the impacts of new media over precarious working environment in Turkish journalism sphere on Media and Communication program. In this process, he also contributed to several journals with his works on new media, polarisation and precarious labor. (4.00/4.00)

2012 Sept2013 Dec

MA in New Media

Kadir Has University

Graduated from Kadir Has University New Media Graduate Program with his thesis entitled Resistance From Within Hegemony: Rise of Semi-Anonymous Resistance in Turkey's New Media Environment. In that time span, Uzunoglu was also a research assistant in New Media Department and he was supported by Turkcell Technology Leaders Program Scholarship and Kadir Has Scholarship.  (4.00/4.00)

2006 Sep2011 Jun

BA in Public Relations and Advertising

İzmir University of Economics

Graduated with honours degree  with the highest grade in his term. In undergraduate level, Uzunoglu also worked as an assistant student while he was an undergraduate student  and assisted establishment of faculty website and digital media outlet of the faculty at that time.  He also contributed to monthly newspaper of the communication faculty called Univers.  (3.93/4.00)

Work History

2019 January

Assistant Professor

Lebanese American University

Uzunoglu works an assistant professor in Lebanese American University The School of Arts & Sciences Multimedia Journalism Department. Uzunoglu will be offering classes such as data journalism, investigative journalism, public relations and social media in his new role.


Associate Professor

UiT: The Arctic University of Norway

Uzunoglu is an Associate Professor in UiT The Arctic University of Norway. During his time in Tromsø, Uzunoglu gave a seminar on information  security and gave  a speech about Turkey's precarious journalism environment for  ENCODE research network at UiT. Uzunoglu also lectures  courses named Big Data & Social Media and Media, Communication and Society.




Uzunoglu is founder and editor-in-chief of NewsLabTurkey org which is a digital news academy established with the support of The Guardian Foundation and Swedish General Consulate.




Uzunoglu is co-founder of, which is a podcast network from Turkey that brings together different people including journalists, bloggers, activists, scholars, sports lovers, technology enthusiasts, artists and art experts.


Lecturer Dr.

Kadir Has University

Worked as a lecturer in Kadir Has University Public Relations and Information department  btw. 2015 and 2017. Before becoming a full time lecturer in PR & Information department, worked as a part-time lecturer in New Media Department within same faculty between 2013 and 2015.


Coordinator & Lecturer

Turkey Journalists Union (TGS) Academy

Coordinator and lecturer in new media academy established for journalists and journalism students. Lectured courses likeI nformation Management & Security and New visualization methods for journalism


Co-Founder & Editor

One of the founders of, which is a platform for journalism professionals to enhance their journalism skills.

November 2017Present

Contributor & Author


Contributes to with his articles about post-truth, new media, fact-checking and newsonomics.


Copyright & Public Relations Manager

Agora Kitaplığı

Copyright Editor & PR Manager of Agora Kitaplığı, which is a publisher concentrates on fictional and non-fictional books. 

Academic Papers & Publications

  • Uzunoğlu, S. (2018). Gazeteci Emeğinin Dönüşümü ve Güvencesizleşme: Türkiyeli Dijital Haber Odalarının Serbest Muhabirleri Üzerine Bir Çalışma. Moment Dergi, 5(2).

  • Uzunoglu. S. (2018). Rise of Denizen Reporting in Turkey’s Digital Activism Sphere. Alternative Media in Contemporary Turkey Sustainability, Activism, and Resistance. Editor: Murat Akser and Victoria McColum. Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Uzunoglu, S. (2018). The Mediatized Birth of an Armed Non-State Actors in Turkey’s Metropoles. Non-State Actors in Conflicts: Conspiracies, Myths, and Practices Editor: Banu Baybars Hawks. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Sevin, E. Uzunoglu, S. (2017). Do Foreigners Count? Internationalization of Presidential Campaigns. American Behavioral Scientist. March, 24, 2017DOI: 10.1177/0002764217701215 
  • Uzunoglu, S.; Hawks, B.B. (2016). Framıng decentralızed, individualized and mediatızed violence ın the 21st century. Editor: Banu Baybars Hawks. Framing Violence: Conflicting Images, Identities, and Discourses. Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Uzunoglu, S. (2016).  Economic Violence, Precariousness and Prosumerism. Framing Violence: Conflicting Images, Identities, and Discourses. Editor: Banu Baybars Hawks. Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Uzunoglu, S. (2016). Bir Postmodern İntiharın Ardından Eksi Sözlük'te Kanaatlerin Olusumu Ve Grupların Biçimlenme Süreçleri. Intermedia International e-Journal ISSN: 2149-3669, 2(2), 424-439.
  • Uzunoglu, S. Resistance from within Hegemony: The Rise of Semi-Anonymous Resistance in the New Media Environment in New Media Politics: Rethinking Activism and National Security in Cyberspace. Editor: Banu Baybars Hawks. Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Uzunoglu, S. (2015). Yeni Medyada Dijital Emek Sömürüsü: Tüketiciden Üreticiye Yeni Medya, Yeni Sömürü Pratikleri. 
  • Uzunoglu, S. (2015). Bir postmodern intiharin ardindan ekşi sözlük'te kanaatlerin oluşumu ve gruplarin biçimlenme süreçleri. Intermedia International Peer-Reviewed E-Journal Of Communication Sciences, 2(2).
  • Uzunoglu, S., Polat, I. H., & Akser, M. (2014, November). The Impacts of Tablet Use for Eliminating the Time-Space Barriers in University Education: A Turkish Experience. In International Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning (pp. 212-221). Springer International Publishing.


Ajan Harriet. (2017). Original: Harriet the Spy. Mayo Kitap: İstanbul.
(Co-translator: Uzunoglu, Duygu)