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President, Phi Kappa Tau of CofC

                                                                                                                                                                 Aug 2009 - Present

Currently the President of the "Phi Kappa Tau Interest Group" at the College of Charleston.  Phi Kappa Tau is a nationally recognized fraternity, of which will be coming offically to campus in January of 2010.  Currently we have 18 members that will be recognized as the founders of the Chapter at CofC.  In the process I have had to learn the basics of starting an organization and the fundamentals of not only managing a group, but truly leading individuals from all different backgrounds.  We challenge ourselves to be the best, strive for excelence in the classroom, and make a difference in the community. 

Built Class Website

                                                                                                                                                               Sept 2009-Nov 2009

Worked as the CEO of InterVision, a student developed company whose assignment was to design a "class website" for Management 105 at the College of Charleston.  As a company we decided that the website was to be a helpful tool for incoming students, allowing easy access to information, class schedules and means of class communication.   In the end, based on class decision, InterVision took home all the credit being awarded Best Company, Best Presentation, and Best Product. 

Through the process I gained more experience running an organlzation.  I learned that to run a successful company it would require a great team, and a great leader.  Communication, open-mindedness, and time management were all vital to our success.


Sports- College and Pro Football fan; skim boarding, surfing; billiards/ Pool (Member of the APA amateur pool league). Music- Rock and rap music; avid concert goer; have played the saxaphone for 8 years (played in a jazz band from 2004-2008); have played guitar for 4 years. Traveling- have been to over 15 states in the U.S. and traveled to Italy and Greece in 2008; plan on traveling to Spain in next 3 years.  Food- enjoy going to gourmet restaurants and trying unusual cultural cuisine.  Language- have taken spanish for 5 years.


James Whisenhunt


To obtain experience in the work force and to find a position that utilizes the skills acquired in past work history.



Current Sophmore

Focus in Biology, Psychology and Spanish thusfar.  Average course load is 17 credits per semester.  All classes require attention to details, constant class participation, listening skills, people skills, and an extraordinary work ethic.


Wren High School

Graduated in top 10% of High School class with a 4.0 GPA. Participated in National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Beta Club, Football and the Sailing team.  Studied Gourmet cooking extensively senior year and was certified in 'ServSafe' food safety.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Cashier Assistant

Presently working as a cashier assistant and membership advisor at Costco Wholesale in Charleston, SC. The position requires good people skills, an exceptional work ethic, and a self-less attitude.  The job consists of unloading and bagging carts, checking receipts, assisting shoppers in finding and shuttling inventory, stocking, and answering any question a shopper may have. As a membership advisor, one works to advise regular members to upgrade to Costco's premier membership.  This requires very good speaking and persuasion skills.  

Sep 2008Feb 2009

Promotions Agent

Rockstar Energy Drinks

Advertised the start up of the "Rockstar Energy Drink" parties hosted by the Harbor Grille in Downtown Charleston.  Target audience consisted of college students ages 21 and above.  conducted marketing most effectively through use of well designed flyers.  Worked off street corners passing out flyers and talking to students.  Created groups and bulletins through online resources such as 'Facebook' and 'Myspace'.  On average 500+ party-goers were present each week.

Feb 2008Jun 2008


Wren Youth Assn. Baseball

Umpired Little League baseball games for children ages 8-14.  Used judgement and knowledge of the rules of the game to call plays from behind the plate and in the field.  Worked with coaches to create the best atmosphere for young players possible.  Responsible for controlling the crowd and removing angry parents if necessary.  Job required an extreme amount of patience, quick and accurate judgement, confidence, motivation, some athletic ability and a good attitude. 

May 2007Dec 2007

Line Cook

Smoke On The Water

Prepared and cooked everything from salads to entrees as needed on a day to day basis.  was accountable each week for having enough cornbread made to cover two- three days worth of customers.  Most often was responsible to run appetizer station during lunch and dinner hours.  Towards closing times, cooks were required to have kitchen cleaned and ready for the next day.  food prep in the resaurant setting required patience, stamina, the ability to accurately measure ingredients, the ability to think on one's feet, and exceptional people skills to maintain lighthearted co-worker relations. 

Apr 2006Apr 2007

Janitorial Worker

Williamson Evans

Worked for radio/ commercial ad studio in downtown Greenville for 1 full year as a janitoral worker.  Was in charge of all cleaning: dusting, sweeping, mopping, dishes and trash removal for all offices, bathrooms, recording rooms and kitchen.  In April of 2007, left Williamson Evans to pursue employment at a well known restaurant to gain experience in the restaurant business. 


Social Skills
Experienced in Social skills such as Persuasion, Service Orientation, Coordination, Negotiation and Social Perceptiveness.  Advanced when persuading one to accept an offer or service;  Have a calm inviting personality that others tend to feel comfortable around; Have exceptional instincts when one is in need of guidance or help; Exceptional at facilitating large groups to work together to complete a task efficently;  Exceptional at bringing individuals together, creating unity and facilitating individuals through personal differences.   Qualifications: Was voted captain of Junior Varsity High School Football team sophmore year.  Started at Quarterback for JV and Varsity sophmore and junior year.  Worked as an umpire for Little League Baseball throughout High School.  Currently work at Costco Wholesale as a Front End Assistant.  Work to persuade the "regular' shoppers to upgrade their memberships to Costco's premier offer. 
Basic Skills
Experienced in Basic skills such as Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Speaking, and Writing.  Exceptional when problems arise and decisions must be made; Exceptional at listening to one's needs and responding with appropriate words or actions;  Moderate when Speaking to large crowds;  Exceptional writing skills.    Qualifications: Was Peer Conselor throughout High School career.  Also worked at a summer camp in Ohio from age 12-18 as a student conselor. 


ServSafe Food Safety

Costco Wholesale