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I have acquired experience in different fields related to Business Development, Strategy Support and Management Control. Also, I am Co-founder of and teacher of Marketing online in CEPADE.

Work experience

Jun 2007Present



In 2007 I launch with other three associates is a portal that allows to the users to personalize the site, to gain money thanks to the activity they made (clicks, records or purchases) and incorporates certain viral components. has launch in Spain. United Kingdom, Germany, France and The United States.

My function as associate in is of advice and strategic orientation.

Aug 2005Present

COuntry Manager, spain

In August, 2005 I joined to in dependence of the VP, European Business Development to launch in Spain this company. is an Internet Search Company based on the advertising of the sponsored links provided by Google. initiated 12 years ago the activity in The US and 7 in the UK. In 2005 it is decided to extend this service to the rest of Continental Europe opening branches in Germany, France, Italy, Holland and Spain. belongs to Interactive Corp (IAC).

During the past 2 years I have growth the activity in from cero to the 4th search site in Spain.

My functions in like maximum person in charge for Spain are the following ones:

§To develop the business across:

ØAlliances with other internet companies.

ØDistribute or syndicate indexes (TEOMA and Google Sponsor links, pictures…).

ØPR and Speaker of the company

ØDifferent actions of Marketing on the Spanish market

§To work coordinated with a multidisciplinary team located in London, San Francisco and New York (Marketing, Advertising, Development of Product, Finance, Legal, etc)

§To report to the Business Development Head Quarter in United Kingdom and The United States.

§To supervise the planning of the advertising campaigns realized in Spain.

§To take part in the definition of the plan and objectives of growth for Spain.

§To represent in Spain to commercial level, of mass media and in all those forums, presentations or activities in those that it is needed

Oct 2000Aug 2005

Managing Director Staff: Upper Management Business and Business Development


I began to work at TPI during October 2000 reporting directly to the General Manager of B2B in order to develop a new project called Adquira. One year later other partners went on to participate in the project (Telefónica de España, BBVA, Iberia and Repsol YPF) and Adquira became independent from TPI.

The solutions developed by Adquira are used by the four partners at an international level in order to optimize their business processes and to automate the subsequent management of supplies or procurement.

My manager at TPI was named CEO of the new company and asked me to participate as one of his closest collaborators. During the initial phase of the project my responsibilities were linked to the launch and development phase of the business, and these evolved to others during a more mature phase of the company that included the finance area and financial control. Some of the key tasks undertaken include:

  • The development and sale of the business model to the partners which a contribution of 32 million €.
  • Develop the budgets and business plan to the partners. Income increase from 1 million € to 7 million € between 2001 and 2005 as well as operating expenses from 4 to 4,5 million € during the same period.
  • Defining the strategic business lines of the company and communicate to the partners.
  • Coordination of the Strategic Committees with the purchasing departments of the partners where functional needs, service level or the price of products and services provided are defined.
  • Responsible for information management and reporting to the partners with a number of transactions that reached 100.000 orders and negotiations per year representing a sum of 12.000 million €
  • Monthly definition and development of a control panel of the firm, the analytical accounting.
  • I improved the organizational structure by leading two personnel restructuring initiatives that led to the reduction of staff by 12% and 16% respectively.
Apr 2000Oct 2000

New Business Financial Officer


Ecuality was founded in 1999 with the objective of becoming a leader in Electronic Commerce in Spain. Its partners included BBVA, Acciona and the managers of the company.

In April 2000 I joined in order to launce a B2B project. I undertook a series of studies of different sectors which, analyzed the different existing technological options on the market, contacted buyers / suppliers in the different sectors and developed the business plan. In October I was informed that this project would not be financed.

Nov 1995Apr 2000

Strategic Consultancy

Analistas Financieros Internacionales

Analistas Financieros Internacionales, is a consultancy firm which is 50% owned by Savings Banks through the Ahorro Corporación and 50% owned by the partners.

In November 1995 I began a Training period in the Research Department . After that I was offered to form part of the Bank Consulting Department where I undertook the following activities among others:

§Supported the development of 5 year strategic plans in various Savings Banks.

§Improved the Organizational structure of the Central Services of a Savings Bank by way of undertaking a benchmarking study of 20 banks. The central services were reduced by 20%.

§Implementation of Private or Personal Banking Departments in Savings Banks which increased the business of Collective and Direct investment tools in the stock exchange by 80%.

§Conception and development of an exclusive e-Broker, this motor is currently used by different Banks.

§Strategic definition of new banking channels using the Internet as an additional channel. Managed to get a Savings Bank to have all of their services available on the Internet in the year 2000.

§Teaching experience in different courses, seminars, workshops and masters.

§Publishing articles in various specialized magazines and newspapers.

§Collaboration on different books and financial year books.


Sep 1989May 1993

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business & Administration