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Stetson University


University of Central Florida
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Work experience



Horizon Realty International

Analysis, acquisition, management and marketing of real property. Managed a branch office in Sarasota,FL since 2008. Proven track record of marketing luxury waterfront properties to high net-worth individuals

Created the real estate website, a fully integrated property search and area information portal and blog. Independently learned knowledge and experience with: HTML, CSS, JAVA, MySQL, PHP.

Knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks to create audio/visual marketing and entertainment products.

Skills Fostered in the Position

Self-starter, Willingness to learn, Ability to adapt to changing technological trends


Proprietary Trader

Schonfeld Securities

Analyzed economic and market conditons on a daily basis. Assessed and managed acceptable levels of risk in financial equity markets with trading activity. Series 55 (market makers) licensed, inactive. Used a variety of analyses and techniques to increase the probability of profitable trades.

Knowledge and expertise with: wave analysis, candlestick patterns, fibonacci and dinapoli-level analysis, trend and momentum.

Skills Fostered in this Position

Risk Management, Ability to admit and correct mistakes quickly, Ability to translate macro-economic occurrences into micro environments, Ability to thrive under pressure


Public Finance Investment Banker

William R. Hough & Co.

Formulated and analyzed creative bond financing solutions using various tax or revenue-based pledges from municipalities in order to help facilitate growth in the State of Florida. This involved creating and using highly complex financial models and integrating the data to show the various effects to the entities involved. Experience with both fixed and variable rate bond financings as well as investigating the feasibility of attaching credit default swaps to Florida municipalities.

Developed business relationships with government officials and corporate entities to create strategic business plans. Regularly met with both ratings agencies and bond insurers to discuss various risk profile analyses.

Utilized effective communication skills in prospecting for deals, promoting individualized solutions for the various municipalities which involved presentations at monthly county commission meetings and constant interaction with the lead underwriter and city/county officials during the bond sales.

Knowledge using Bloomberg and Reuters terminals, LexisNexis

Skills Fostered in this Position

Client Prospecting, Complex Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning


Corporate Financial Analyst

Cymer, Inc.
Coordinated and implemented annual and quarterly budgets and forecasts with monthly variance analysis presentations to upper management.  Instituted financial controls for a $15M (now $300M) annual revenue multinational group.  Worked with the Korean and Taiwanese governments to establish foreign subsidiary businesses.  Analyzed and determined the proper amounts of insurance for the corporation to carry.

Corporate Financial Analyst

Qualcomm Inc
Coordinated cost and expense collection for joint venture pricing arrangement on a multi-million, multi-year contract with Sprint.  Implemented cost controls and designed processes for capitalizing versus expensing approximately $12M.

Corporate Financial Analyst

AT&T now NCR

Planned and administered $12M annual budget for the manufacturing group. Determined and forecasted: quarterly shipments, monthly inventory valuation, manufacturing activity and overhead spending, absorption. Analyzed monthly variances to plan.

Planned and administered $45M annual budget for Product Management and Information Engineering groups. Analyzed monthly variances to plan, provided forecasts and advised groups on all financial-related matters.

Tracked and administered approximately 30 contracts with 3rd party software providers. Collaborated with Product Management group to analyze new contract profitability.