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My short term objective, within the next two years, is to graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics and obtain an entry-level position in the industry.  I also plan on sitting for the Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) exam.  In addition to these professional goals, I would like to become certified to teach Pilates.

My long term objectives, within the next five years, is to get accepted into a Dietetic Internship and become a Registered Dietitian.  I would also like to attend a graduate program and get a Master's Degree in Public Health or a related field. 


Communication was an important skill to possess for my child care job as I was required to effectively communicate with children, parents, and staff.  Communication skills are transferable into any aspect of life, and I will especially need this skill in my future as a nutrition professional.  I will not only be expected to communicate with my coworkers and superiors, but also with the patients or clients who may not always be able to adequately communicate with me, and I will have to adjust to that. 
I have developed organizational skills in my past while going to school and working full time.  I had to be organized if I was to accomplish all of my responsibilities.  My job also helped me develop this skill as I was required to organize students' lesson plans and recreational activities on a daily basis.  My future as a nutrition professional will require me to possess with skill as I may be responsible for keeping track of patients' and clients' diet needs and menus.
Throughout my years of school, I have had to develop excellent time-management skills in order to get all of my assignments and responsibilities done on time.  I have also been put into a situation where I had to manage people in order to complete a group project.  In addition to school, my job as a child care provider has also helped me develop management skills because I had to be able to manage the children's activities on a daily basis.  I believe this skill can transfer to my future as a nutrition professional because I will have to manage patients' menus and be ready to make changes to them at a moments notice.
I have cultivated multitasking skills at my job as a child care provider as well.  This job demanded that I be able to jump from one task to another, which can carry over into my future job because I will have to be ready to make changes to patients’ diets at a moment’s notice.  Working with children meant having to be ready to focus on more than one task at once and deal with any little emergencies that may arise. I had practice developing this skill with my Experimental Foods project, where I had to bake Four different recipes, switching out an ingredient in each one and evaluating how this change affected the final product.


Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Assistant Group Supervisor

Cambria County Child Development Corp.
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Aug 2010Present

Bachelor of Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Aug 2007May 2010

Associate's degree

Penn Highlands Community College
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Apr 2013Apr 2018

ServSafe Food Management

National Restaurant Association


Brigitte Wilson

Bonnie Kos