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I generally spend my free time practicing new sports, which have recently become extreme (thai boxing, surfing, kitesurfing and skydiving).

I competitively practiced tennis until the 20s, achieving great goals and a national rate.

I used to travel a lot around the world, mainly towards new and disowned destinations.

Finally, I dedicate myself to various kind of readings, which can satisfy my natural interest for everything.


Achieving a great work experience in the Auditing and Financial Area.

Improving my skills to manage data item and information inside the financial market in the next five years.

Working inside companies which pursue innovation and multilateral communication, keeping traditional values safe.


During the academic distance and then thanks to my first professional experience, as Junior Auditor at REPLY S.p.A. for twelve months, I could mature a strong interest for the Management Financial Institution and acquire the following competences and skills:

·Accounting Audit

·Financial Analysis


·Internal Audit and Law Compliance

·Process Mapping and Risk Assessment

·Communication Skills

·Microsoft Office

·Segregation of Duties

·Conflict Resolution and Team Sharing

·To make questions in order to obtain information

·To collect, analyze, organize and synthetize data items and information

·Identifying and Solving Problems

·To give a priority to the activities and their coordination

·To construct and to maintain relationships with various persons and how to cooperate (Teamwork)

·Taking Responsibility


Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Assistant Auditor



Acquisition of technical-professional contents, in order to sit the State Examination for entering the Auditors Roll.

Such contents mostly consist into the basic themes referred to the Balance's discipline and control, pertaining to the Law Regulation's implementation, then to the principles' application given off by the Professional Organisms and finally to other inherent Regulation.

Moreover, they cover a fundamental role the Procedures' Auditing techniques in order to check the Company Internal Controls' propriety, both by the administrative and accounting sides, the techniques to verify both operations' procedures and Balance Sheet and also the techniques of Comparative Analysis Process.

Nov 2009Oct 2010

Junior Auditor

Reply S.p.A.


According to the decree 262/2005, that forces Italian enterprises to the adoption of specific measures finalized to the publications of transparent economic-financial information and data in comparison to their balance, I first took part to the development and then to the launching and testing phase for a new Internal auditing software called "Tool 262".

To such purpose, it has been necessary to inquire on the decree in object in order to understand the legal and business circle inside which important changes were produced; afterward, I started myself a huge control's series on the different business cycles, which not only allowed me to understand the in-company's dynamics, but above all I could really revalue some control procedures in an optics of efficiency and effectiveness.



Nov 2006Apr 2009

Master Degree

University of Economics

Master Degree in Business Administration (Administration, Finance and Auditing), achieved on April 2009, through thesis titled “The industrial districts from their birth to nowadays: a social and economic pattern on the move” (Subject: Economic Sociology/Managerial Behavior).

Master Degree Final Mark: 100/110

Course of Studies

Financial Management, Information Technology, Business Law, Business History, World Economy, Economic Sociology, Business Management and Process Organization, Tax Law, Information Technology II, Strategic Planning and Auditing.

Jan 2008Jul 2008

Erasmus Student

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales (Economic and Entrepreneurial Sciences).

Winner of the European Studentship named Erasmus, valid for a six-months period to be spent studying at the university upper.

Oct 2003Nov 2006

College Degree

University of Economics ofTurin

College Degree in Business Economy, achieved on November 2006, through thesis titled “The Zurich Italia S.p.A. among an international context: budget analysis” (Subject: Accountancy). 

College Degree Final Mark: 104/110.

Course of Studies

Financial Maths, Institutional Law, Marketing, Private Law, Business Institutions, Business Economy, Statistics, Financial Broker Economy, Commercial Law, Business Organization, Accountancy, Planning and Auditing, Human Resources Management, Public Economy, Production Technology, Sport Management, Economic Process Sociology, Business Finance, English, Spanish, Stock Exchange Economy, Budget and Reporting.


Computer Skills
  Excellent experience for Office Word 2008. Attainment of the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) with respect to the first four modules: File Use and Management, Electronic Sheet, Writing Texts and Computer Nets. Competent also with respect to the Web browser Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla and at last to the Power Point and Windows Movie Maker Applications.  
Social and Organizational Skills
Great skills to relation and communication. For how much it concerns the first, acquired during the Erasmus student’s experience, which made me share my domestic atmosphere with a variety of multi-cultures and habits; with respect to the second, which can be seen as  the connected steps of careful listen and ideas expression, acquired during the work experience said before, which necessarily demands good interpersonal relations like line of departure and a good team spirit in order to achieve the prefixed objectives. Thanks to the foretold experiences, moreover, I improved transferable competences like skills to conflict resolution, to collaborate inner of a team to the aims of sharing and fulfilling data and information, to problems acknowledgement. At last, thanks to a stable sports practice, also a competitive one, I acquired skills such as responsibilities assumption’s competence, objectives attainment and work under pressure.


D.E.L.E Intermedio

Instituto Cervantes
Sep 2006Present