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Work experience

Jun 2005Aug 2012

English Teacher-Grades 7 & 8

Kiski Area School District

Coming from Somerset Area School District, I jumped into a position at Kiski Area School District teaching 7th & 8th grade English in 2005.  I was well prepared for this age group, as I student taught middle school at Forest Hills in Sidman, PA.  Although I moved rooms twice, my schedule remained relatively the same.  I was the only English teacher in the building (5 total) that taught both the 7th & 8th grade.  At the time of my resignation, I taught four 7th grade classes and two 8th grade classes; however, in past years I've had a mixture.  The main focus of middle school English was to develop the students writing skills.  In English class, we read approximately three novels, including the popular young adult fiction author S.E. Hinton, as well as more popular reads like The Hunger Games.  We covered plays, poetry, & short stories.  Grammar was another focus in English class, mainly how it affects the students' writing.  Also, state standards suggested that six writings a year must be accomplished in English, ranging from Informative & Persuasive, to Narrative & Creative.  Students also practiced journaling in my class to creatively respond to given prompts, as well as learned daily vocabulary.

Jan 2005Jun 2005

English Teacher-Grades 10-12

Somerset Area School District

Straight out of college at UPJ, I was given an interview at Somerset High School.  The position was for a long-term substitute, taking over for a veteran teacher going on sabbatical then retiring.  Although I only student taught 7th & 8th grade English, after speaking with my cooperating teacher at Forest Hills Middle School, as well as my advisor from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Somerset's principal, Dr. Mark Gross, felt that I was mature enough and ready to take on the workload of teaching high school English.  I began in January and taught through June after shadowing the former teacher only a few days.  My schedule included three classes of College Prep English with seniors, and the class included novels such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime & Punishment and a few others, as well as their senior projects that I single-handedly graded, along with speeches, vocabulary, short stories, and poetry.  I also taught Vo-tech English 10 and World Literature with sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  On the side, I also assisted the varsity head coach in softball and developed some lasting friendships with my student-athletes.  Although I was offered a full-time position with the school district, as well as two coaching positions, I accepted another offer at Kiski Area School District.


Apr 2008Dec 2010

Master of Science in Education

Wilkes University

After contemplating for a while about what field I wanted to further my education in, I decided to choose a local university that was easily accessible.  The courses offered ranged from Educational Psychology, Semantics, Curriculum Development & Mapping, International studies on Education, Brain-Based Research and other various courses offering information on Educational Strategies to reach all types of learners.  Most educators taking these courses are still employed and taking classes on the side to receive Continuing Education credits.  Completing the Masters is NOT a requirement at my school district, however I decided to complete the program...and did so in record time.  From beginning to end, doubling up and sometimes tripling up on courses, I worked from the Spring of 2008, taking courses in the summer, fall, & winter, to finish in December of 2010. 

Aug 2000Dec 2004

Bachelor of Arts

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Out of high school I chose to further my education at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ).  I first started off with a major in Communications, but realized after two semesters that the field was too broad.  I worried about being able to find a career in this field, so I switched my major my sophomore year to Business.  Numbers and economics were not my thing, obviously, because my QPA dropped that semester.  I then reflected on my classes and came to the conclusion that English was a natural subject for me, and my writing skills were stellar.  I switched once again, this time to Secondary Education-English.  My QPA skyrocketed and I excelled in this degree earning Cum Laude at graduation.  During my time in college, I also played Division II Collegiate Women's basketball for the UPJ Lady Cats, where I started my last year. I played recreational intramural volleyball on the side, as well as got involved in two organizations: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Resident Hall Association (RHA), in which I was the President and voice of the students on campus.

Sep 1997Jun 2000

High School Diploma

Derry Area School District

Four years of high school were a breeze.  Education came easily to me.  Aside from being in mostly all advanced courses (with the exception of Math) & maintaining A's & B's, I also participated in three sports, Basketball, Volleyball, & Softball.  As captain of the Volleyball & Basketball teams, I helped our team build strong relationships & excel on the court.  In Basketball particularly, we set out to reach a goal at the beginning of the season, to put '00' on the banner in the gym representing a section title, as the last section title won by the girl's basketball team was in 1974.  We reached that goal & went onto the playoffs my senior year.  Some other achievements include Junior & Senior class President, Spanish Honor's Society Vice President, Entrepreneur Club President, Student Council President Freshman, Sophomore & Senior year, as well as being involved in numerous other activities and organizations.  I was also selected as Most Outgoing by my peers.


I enjoy sports of all types...however in the past I've participated and excelled at Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball in high school, and Division II Basketball in college.  I also enjoy coaching these sports.  Recreational activities and physical fitness are two aspects of my life that I take pride in.  I love the outdoors, so I spend a lot of my time hiking, biking, camping, and fishing.  I am an active person who loves to play intramural sports as well as work out.  Aside from athletics, some of my other hobbies include photography, scrapbooking, playing the guitar, and painting.  Animals are another passion of mine.  I enjoy travelling and seeing new places, as well as dining out at new and exciting restaurants and trying new foods. 


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Dec 2004Present

Secondary English Education 7-12

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Jul 2011Jun 2016

Adolescence to Young Adult (7-12) English

Ohio Department of Education