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A Short Autobiography

I can trace my interest in the news and in broadcast media to a challenge that I faced very early in my life. When I was only five years old, my mother and I were kidnapped in a taxi in the violent streets of Bogota, Colombia. Our kidnapper jammed his revolver against my head and swore to shoot me if we tried to escape. I owe my life to my Mama, whose courage and intelligence saved our lives and got us out of Colombia and away from its corrupt government and infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Even after we were safely removed from it, the violence and injustice of life in Colombia were never far from our thoughts as we worried about the family we left behind there. I’d rush home after school and tune to the world news where I’d witness bombings eating away at my country. Wide-eyed, I would sit inches away from the screen, where I’d quickly scan through crowds of people, many of them injured and bleeding to see if any of the victims had been my beloved “Abuelita,” my grandmother.

News fascinated me. It was a bridge between my new life and my old one. I was amazed that I could watch the war in my country without being in danger myself. There was something mystical and, enigmatic about television that I wanted to understand and that fascination and appreciation has stayed with me.

Cover letter

I am a Baylor University graduate with experience in broadcast and a passion for news.  It is my hope that my enthusiasm, proven interpersonal skills and "get it done" attitude will spark your interest in my candidacy.

At ABC News I helped produce 20/20, Primetime, and Nightline segments, where I wrote stories, shot footage, directed camera crews, assisted with lighting and set design amongst other tasks.  My name has been featured on the roll credits of 20/20 specials, "Drama High" and "Made in America." I also interned at MTV Tr3s where I helped produce "Mi TRL," which taught me the mechanics and exigencies behind live tapings, so pertinent to working in a live newsroom. My goal is to continue building on the skills I have acquired at ABC, MTV, Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel and PBS.  I see a future in web/TV convergence and have, thus, prepared myself by gaining experience in writing, filming, editing on NLE and exporting for the web.

I am fluent in Spanish, which is my native tongue, as well as French.  The prevalent Hispanic population in San Antonio might offer opportunities to use my fluency in Spanish both on the job and in the community.

It would be an honor for me to continue my career as a member of your company's highly reputable team.  I assure you that I would strive to maintain the network's commitment to professionalism and a devotion to outstanding achievement. I am ready to work under pressure and take on any task in the fast-paced world of news.

I hope to have an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you to see how they may fit the needs of your organization.  If it is more convenient for you, please call me at 210-827-5202, and I will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully,

Sarah C. Sweeney


Multimedia Journalist fluent in English, Spanish, and French. I am ready to work under pressure, exceed expectations and take on any task in the fast-paced world of news. I own my own Sony PMW EX-1 HD camera with lights, microphone and editing software. 


Bob Brown

John Quiñones

Tori Barnett

Joani Livingston

Eric D. Hanan

Joseph G. Kickasola, Ph.D.

20/20 Sample


Low Vision Club: Photographer & Social Networking Administrator- 2009

National Alliance of the Mentally Ill: Advocate for the Mentally Ill- 2009

Disney VoluntEAR: ABC News Volunteer- 2008

Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue: Student Volunteer- 2007

Activities/ Honors

Vice President- Baylor University Hispanic Student Association

National Hispanic Journalist Association

Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society

Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society

Golden Key International Honour Society

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Glennis McCrary Goodrich International Scholarship recipient

Dean's Honor List -Spring 2006, Fall 2008

Association of Women in Communications 

Chi's Community Service Sorority

Baylor Study Abroad in Paris 2007

Work experience

Jun 2009Jun 2009

Man Vs. Food Production Assistant

  • Filmed B-Roll for the Man Vs. Food show.
  • Photographed promotional stills for the website.
  • Assisted with lighting and sound. 
  • Performed floor-management duties. 
  • Casted participants for interviews.
  • Distributed appearance release forms.
Jan 2009Feb 2009

"Proof" Production Assistant

Discovery Channel
  • Facilitating communication between departments
  • Documented footage and organized ENG logs and tapes. 
Sep 2008Jan 2009

Undergraduate Production Associate

ABC News

  • Pitched story ideas for 20/20 and Primetime segments.
  • Filmed footage for "Made in America," a 20/20 special.
  • Interviewed contributors both over the phone and in person.
  • Assisted News Correspondents on Field Production shoots.
  • Met every deadline successfully, with 100% completion.
Aug 2008Nov 2008

MiTRL Studio Production Intern

MTV Networks- MTV Tr3s

  • Conducted research and wrote script.
  • Volunteered to speak at promotional events.
  • Pitched innovative show ideas to Producers.
  • Assisted host, Carlos Santos, in compiling interview questions.
  • Interacted with audience and floor directed.
May 2008Jul 2008

Digital Media Intern


  • Worked independently to produce and edit commercials for the station's Dot Org segment, which profiles non-profit organizations in Central Texas. 


Jul 2005Dec 2008

Bachelor of Arts

Baylor University

Bachelos of Arts in Film & Digital Media

Minor(s): Corporate Communication, French

GPA 3.58/4.00 (Overall), 3.79/4.00 (Major)


I write and edit script.
Adobe Photoshop
Digital SLR Photography
I own a Nikon D40 plus interchangeable lenses, which I can use to take photos for online coverage as well as production stills. 
Non-Linear Editing
Fluent in French
I studied abroad in France twice, where I lived with a French family.  I still practice my French on a daily basis. 
Fluent in Spanish
Spanish is my native language and I use it on a daily basis