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I'm a driven, two-steps-ahead-of-the-game mass media and graphic design scholar with hopes of working in design or journalism. I also have experience with radio and television, including extensive video and audio editing training. I've been at ease in front of a green screen since high school and can run a radio show with no error. I'm also very skilled in page design using Photoshop and InDesign. As a well-rounded scholar of medias, I would be an excellent contribution to any publication.

Work experience

Jan 2011May 2013


202 Bar & Grill

handling money, attending to customers, serving food and drinks, customer service, overseeing employees

May 2012Aug 2012

Managing Editor

writing stories, formatting other’s stories, copyediting, designing and creating ads using InDesign, editing html/css code, communicating with writers


Aug 2009May 2013

bachelor of arts

Longwood University

The campus organizations I'm involved in are Longwood's campus newspaper The Rotunda, in which I was the assistant features editor for one semester and the layout editor for six semesters. I am also a DJ at the campus radio station WMLU 91.3 FM, where I have been DJing since the Spring of my freshman year. I was also News Director for a year and oversaw our annual Bandfest in Spring of 2012.

Writing & Reporting



Audio Editing
Using Audacity to edit music and recording files.
Video Editing
Using FinalCut to edit video in order to create VO, VO/SOTs, and PKGs. Editing video and audio and well as shooting the video.
Delivering the news and announcements as a stand-up video reporter.
Print Editing
Proofreading articles and finished newsprint pages for errors before they go to press.
Page Design
Using Quark and InDesign to arrange a broadsheet newspaper page.
Covering news stories, finding/interviewing sources, and collecting information.


Page Design