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 While working at Dr. Jeffery Meister and Associates as the Finacial Coordinator, collections was a part of my duties.  I worked with two different lawyer offices and only on one occasion did I have to go before a judge.
I have worked with several different finacial aspects of a business.  I currently do payroll for a staff of 16, manage royalties for writers, and petty cash.  In the past, I billed for Dr. Jeffery Meister's patients and helped patients apply and accept Capital One Dental loans.  I have ordered office supplies for the last 4 years and am very good with using discounts and getting the best deal for the best quality.
In the last two jobs I have had, I have always had someone underneath me for whom I was directly responsible.  At Dr. Jeffery Meister and Associates I was the Building Manager while we remodeled the exterior and interior of the building.  During this time I dealt with the tenants along with the construction crews.  I also helped train students from IU and Kaplan College that came through our office.  At Christian Womanhood Publications I have had 3 student workers that have been under me.  In my last review it was said that I worked well with people and it is easy for people to work with me.
Patient/Customer Relations
I enjoy interacting with people and helping them feel comfortable while makeing sure they have an awareness of what is going on.
Dental Insurace
I am very comfortable working with insurance companies and have a good understanding of putting an insurace claim together.  I was trained through the Dentrix computer software and I know how to take and duplicate x-rays.


My first objective for working with your company would be to make the patients experience at your office as smooth as possible.  I understand how patients can be unusually freightened to completely irate just because they have walked into a doctor's office.  It would be my goal to make the patient feel comfortable and answer any questions that they may have.

My Second objective would be to fulfill the duties given to me in dealing with insurance, collections and any other receptionist responsibilities that need to be done.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Orders Manager

Christian Womanhood Publications

For the past year I have worked as the Orders Manager for Christian Womanhood Publications.  I am responsible for shipping mainly but because it is a small company I have a broad range of duties.  I am head of the Receptionist Department, responsible for ordering all office supplies, I oversee three student workers during the school year.  I am by no means an IT expert but I usually can figure out computer issues that come up in our office.  I run payroll for our staff and deal with customers on a daily basis.

May 2002Jun 2008

Financial Coordinator

Dr. Jeffery Meister & Associates DDS

I worked for Dr. Jeffery Meister and Associates for 5 1/2 years.  The first 3 years, I worked in the Asepsis Deptartment and did minimal dental assisting.  For the last 2 years I started working at the front dest as the Patient Relations Coordinator.  Shortly after working the front desk, I moved to the Financial Department, working as the Financial Coordinator.  In this position I was responsible for all the billing and insurance of the patients.  I managed the Aging Report, along with several other production reports done on a monthy basis.  I am very comfortable working with insurance companies and helping patients understand how their insurance works for them. 


Aug 2001May 2005


Hyles-Anderson College