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Sarah Michler, anthropology, public health, congenital heart disease, AIDS, HIV, political justice, social justice


Sarah Michler thrives both in and out of the classroom. Since 2003, Michler has assisted the Executive Director of Heart Care International, a Greenwich, Connecticut not-for-profit organization that organizes medical missions to developing countries to perform life saving open heart surgery operations on indigent children who have no alternative for medical care. Sarah Michler participated on medical missions in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. Michler provided English-Spanish translation, helped supply operating rooms, and comforted children and their families before and after surgeries. In 2006, while still in high school at Deerfield Academy, Sarah Michler founded Reach Out Onuva, a charity that brings American high school students to volunteer at Onuva, a combined school, orphanage and health care clinic in El Salvador. Michler arranged trips to San Salvador and organized the student teaching programs at the Onuva school. After a semester studying at Columbia University in the fall of 2010, Sarah Michler assisted first grade instruction at The Chapin School in New York City. She taught reading and math at the private girls' school and helped to create a unit that connects subjects taught in the classroom with the outside world. Soon after leaving Chapin, she spent five months in Argentina, where she studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires and conducted research on congenital heart disease in children. Her research culminated in a 39-page paper that she wrote entirely in Spanish; the paper received public commendation. Sarah Michler has held internships at both the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Fluent in Spanish, Michler uses her language skills to help doctors and patients communicate. Her most recent work examined HIV and AIDS treatment programs for women of color in the United States. After spending her junior year studying at Columbia University and the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Michler has returned to Cornell University. Michler is an Anthropology major at Cornell with a concentration in human rights and education, she expects to graduate in May 2012.

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Intern to the Executive Director

Heart Care International



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Cornell University