Sarah McNaughton

Sarah McNaughton

Classroom Teacher 

Work History

Work History
Jan 2014 - Present

Classroom Teacher

Primary School 

As a classroom teacher my role consisted of a variety of components within the school and wider community. My role of classroom teacher includes;

  • Directed teaching of groups of students and individual students; 
    • Plan, implement, and deliver inspiring, challenging and enjoyable lessons ensuring differentiation of the subject targeting students individual learning needs;
    • Regularly assess students’ work and provide high quality feedback for the student and myself to guide future learning;
    • Enhance students’ moral, social and personal development through lessons and the Bounce Back program.
  • Contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of numeracy for prep- grade 2;
  • Participated in activities such as parent/teacher meetings; staff meetings; camps and excursions;
  • Participated in other non-teaching supervisory duties such as pizza baking afternoon, family maths night, and presentation nights.
Mar 2013 - Dec 2013

Casual Relief Teacher 


Working as a casual relief teacher I frequently visited schools within metropolis Melbourne. Some of my duties included;

  • Substituting for and providing an ‘as normal’ learning environment in the classroom for students when their regular teacher is absent, and being flexible throughout the day to changes;
  • Delivering to the class of students the curriculum material provided for the lesson/s, accountable for classroom management;
  • Care for all students in classroom which reflects the schools vision and values.
Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Program Coordinator

Camp Muskoka
As a program coordinator I handled multiple responsibilities, problem solved and provided leadership, supervision and direction to the 2012 Camp Muskoka summer camp counsellor team. In addition to planning, organization and scheduling of all Camp Muskoka summer programs and special events.  Position Competencies included
  • Customer Awareness, Interpersonal Relations, Listening Skills

  • Organizing/Planning ability, Personal Work Ethic, Analytical Skills

  • Problem Solving/Decision Making, Team Skills, Initiative, Integrity

  1. Supervise and evaluate staff working in specified program.  Provide direction and corrective feedback if necessary
  2. Organize, implement, and document training program including weekly staff meetings
  3. Prepare, maintain and process all forms and paperwork accurately and promptly (rosters, weekly program schedules, time sheets, equipment inventory, etc.).
  4. Develop and maintain process for quality control and risk assessment in programs.
  5. Supervise, organize, and document camp schedule, including: stump sheets, specialty activity programs, counsellor check-in from days off
  6. Evaluate existing programs and logistics on an ongoing basis and develop methods to improve program and service delivery. 
  7. Provide a daily schedule of activities and duties that include all program areas, may include but is not limited to theme day events, activities planned by counsellors and/or the LIT program. 
Apr 2012 - Present

Outdoor Education Instructor

Camp Muskoka

I was responsible for delivering curriculum content to school groups consisting of 25-100+ students ranging from grades 6-8. 

Job Responsibilities:

Program – instruction of activity classes for school age and adult groups

  • Preparation and instruction of outdoor activities
  • Assisting in leading weekend and week day programs
  • Preparation and organization of assigned program areas 
  • Ensuring proper use, storage and maintenance of all program resources and equipment
  • Ensuring safe practices in supervised activities
  • Understanding and accommodating the learning needs of all students (group size varying from 25 -200), ensuring to meet curriculum standards, and monitoring/ reporting on student progress
  • Responsible for organizing and sequencing leadership activities, content, and concepts to ensure learning, progress of self confidence, and students inter/intrapersonal development
  • Working collaboratively with all relevant staff members, ensuring information is communicated in an appropriate and timely manner which supports student learning outcomes 

Hosting – responsible for hosting weekday and weekend groups

  • Responsible to welcome weekday and weekend groups
  • Assist in preparation of site arrival for groups (cleaning, paperwork)
  • Ensure that reasonable requests from groups are promptly met (adding or removing programs, getting extra bedding, accommodate dietary requests)
Jun 2006 - Aug 2009

Camp Counsellor


My camp experience included the following duties

  • Worked as a camp counselor, inclusion counselor, section head, and in ball hockey camp, planning group wide and camp group activities
  • Completed daily communication logs for 10-12 campers to bring home to parents, assisted with the planning of sleep overs, camp wide rotations, and staff meetings
  • Continual professional development through Attended Rainbow program for children with special needs conference as apart of professional development, as well as yearly training 

During my time with the YMCA my roles were

  • Camp counsellor
  • Inclusion counsellor
  • Section Head
  • Sports Camp facilitator 
May 2011 - Aug 2011

Office Assistant

Rockin' Boats Fibreglass Repair

My role consisted of;

  • Assisted in managing incoming and outgoing jobs
  • Communicated deadlines to owner, and employees
  • Answered phone calls and emails regarding boat repairs and the status of jobs
  • Gave detailed quotes for repairs, as well as directed inquiries to the owner
  • Ordered parts and supplies for the business from various suppliers
  • Organized and created the filing system, created customer folders with quotes, invoices and pictures of before and after damage



Additional Basic Qualification

Nipissing University
Sep 2011 - Apr 2012

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University


Examples of some classes I took include; 

  • Education and Schooling
  • Education psychology and special education 
  • Math Education 
  • Curriculum Methods
  • Visual Arts
  • Health and Physical Education 
  • Science Education 
  • Music Education 
Sep 2006 - Feb 2011

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

University of Western Ontario


Examples of some classes I took include; 

  • Land Use planning 
  • Assessment and Sustainable resources 
  • Quantitative Analysis (statistics) 
  • The Dynamic earth
  • Human sexuality
  • Youth and conflict with the law
  • Society and Nature 
  • Work cities 
  • Nutrition for modern living 
  • Sport Psychology 
  • French Language 
  • Environmental hazards and human health 
  • The Family 




Ontario College of Teachers 

Government of Ontario 

Victorian Institute of Teaching 

Government of Victoria 

Occupational Health and Safety Orientation

Nipissing University


Nipissing University

First Aid & CPR

St. John's Ambulance




In public school I was enrolled in the Extended french program. I continued through the program until my final year of high school. I received a certificate indicating my completion. I then took french in first year university at Western. Now looking back I have made it a goal of mine to re-learn what I have lost. I can read and hear french and am able to speak basic conversational French. 


  I find this skill particularly important with regards to teaching because it is so multi dimensioned. On a daily basis you have contact with many people within a school, and the community around it. I am great at collaborating with others to complete tasks, or even to teach students how to collaborate on group work.      Some examples of collaboration within the past year include:    Planning lessons for grade 4, and 8 students  Completing group assignments (math, psychology and special education, language arts, etc.) specifically determining who will complete which part, editing, revision, as well as during presentations. 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office skills that I am competent in include   - Word Processor - Excel  - Powerpoint   I have been using these three programs extensively in my undergraduate degrees. I am able to use the program to the best of it's capabilities and use the majority of the functions which it provides. 

iPad & Apple products

Currently the school I teach at implements iPads in order to facilitate and present learning. As part of my duties at school, I am apart of the ICT team. I am consistently seeking for apps and ways to implement iPad applications into lessons which enhance student learning.