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I am currently pursuing my Masters in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at Fordham University. I will complete my Masters degree in Spring 2013.

I am interested in working in publishing as an editor. Through summer 2012, I will be interning with Marvel Comics, where I hope to learn more about the graphic arts side of publishing. I am particularly interested in adapting the publishing industry to the quickly changing standards of today's readers, as my work with magazines like CURA demonstrates. I have strong editorial experience, and my former employers remember me for my strong work ethic and quick learning skills. I am adaptable and excited about the evolving art of publishing and writing.

Work experience

Jun 2012Present


Marvel Comics
Aug 2011Present

editorial staff


CURA is a new kind of literary magazine dedicated to combining literary and graphic art forms with a nonprofit mission. We launched the magazine in October, and we have already reached a national audience. As a member of the editorial staff, I help organize events like our gala in May 2012, I assist in crafting prompts and evaluating submissions, and I participate in the editorial blog The Muse. This job requires a keen literary eye, a dedication to our art in action mission, and an understanding of the advertising process crucial to a new literary magazine.

Aug 2011May 2012

Tutor/Graduate Assistant

Fordham University Writing Center

I tutored undergraduate students in all disciplines of academic writing. I also participated in pedagogy discussions and helped organize workshops with audiences of 25-40 students.

Jan 2012Apr 2012

Editorial Intern

Anderson Literary Management

As an editorial intern, my main priority was managing slush pile submissions. I evaluated and edited the submissions and made recommendations to Kathleen Anderson, the agency's primary agent.  I also responded assisted Kathleen with author correspondence. Finally, I studied the representation process from accepting the client to finding a publisher. This internship was largely self-motivated, as I completed projects outside of the office in addition to my regular office hours.


Aug 2011Present


Fordham University



Text programs, PC and Mac
I am proficient in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and Pages and Keynote.
Adobe InDesign and DreamWeaver
I have used InDesign to create pamphlets and small publications, and I know the basics of DreamWeaver.
I am a published creative writer, and I have great skill in academic and technical writing as well.
I studied web design during my undergraduate career, and I know the basics of html programming.
In addition to my work at Anderson Literary Management and CURA, I worked as an editor during my undergraduate career. During fall 2009, I worked with Dr. Heidi Huse to edit her manuscript on gun control rhetoric. I also interned with the Weakley County Press, where I studied journalism and wrote community based stories for the paper. Finally, during three of my years at UTM, I worked on the editorial staff of BeanSwitch, the university's literary magazine.