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About Me

A psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience, Sara Harris, MFT’s life journey influences and enhances her private practice. After her own encounter with congenital heart disease in 2004, Harris explored the issue thoroughly and learned that a special type of therapy, called cardiac therapy, can be a valuable tool both in reducing the risk of heart attacks and in preparing patients for cardiac surgery. After undergoing open-heart surgery for her condition, Harris became a certified HeartMath coach and a Champion of WomenHeart. She now includes cardiac therapy in her practice.Sara Harris, MFT, began her career in marital and family therapy in 1984, two years after earning Master’s degrees in Clinical and Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Orindo, California. She established her private practice with offices in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco. Today, Harris meets primarily with individuals, sometimes providing mentoring services as well as psychotherapy. From time to time, Sara Harris, MFT, will provide therapy for couples or groups; she also occasionally teaches classes on selected topics.To mark a milestone in her own life, Sara Harris, MFT, went on a wilderness vision quest, a four-day rite of passage she spent unaccompanied and without shelter or food in the California desert. In this time, Harris connected more deeply with nature and her own spirit. Afterward, she began exploring how this empowering experience could be used in her therapy. Harris trained for four years with the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine to become a Wilderness Guide for others’ vision quests and co-founded the EarthWays Collective to lead others through such rites of passage.Sara Harris, MFT’s vision quest also led her to explore eco-psychology, which holds that while the human mind now is formed by the social world, it evolved over eons in the natural world and still retains a strong connection to nature. As a result of her research, her practice now features eco-therapy, helping clients explore their alienation from the natural world and working to restore the relationship.

Sara Harris

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Self-employed in private practice. My practice includes Depth Psychology, Ecopsychology, and a small niche in Cardiac Psychology. I see individuals, some couples, and occasionally run groups or classes on a variety of topics. I also provide mentoring.




A nature-based collective providing training in Ecopsychology, Council practice, daylong programs, and wilderness Rites of Passage programs. We also provide continuing education for psychotherapists.


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