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Sarah Beth Steinmetz

MS Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


My name is Sarah Beth Steinmetz and I recently graduated from Rush University Medical Center's combined dietetic internship and Master's in Clinical Nutrition Program.  I also recently took and passed the Registered Dietitian Exam. Throughout my time at Rush, I have developed and enhanced my skills to become an effective leader, manager, and practitioner in the nutrition profession. Current interests which I hope to pursue a career in are clinical pediatrics, critical care, gastrointestinal surgery, oncology, and sports nutrition where I can simultaneously engage in nutrition education, communications, and research. 

Objective: To secure a position as a clinical dietitian in an acute care facility, as either an inpatient or outpatient dietitian.


Aug 2014May 2016

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition

Rush University Medical Center
  • Expected Graduation: May 2016
  • Expected Registered Dietitian Examination Date: April 2016

Professional Experience

May 2016Present

Public Relations Co-Chair

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group
  • Responsible for co-managing and posting on social media accounts
  • Interact with pediatric dietitians from across the United States 
  • Create gift baskets for members of executive board
Feb 2016Present

Blog Writer

Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Conduct a needs assessment to choose a nutritionally relevant topic to the public and other dietitians  
  • Analyze evidence-based research to write a blog post on the chosen topic, catering the post to a fifth grade reading level 
Aug 2014May 2016

Dietetic Intern

Rush University Medical Center

As a dietetic intern, I have completed over 1200 clocked hours of supervised practice both in and outpatient. In-patient rotations include two weeks in the cardiovascular unit, gastrointestinal surgery, neurological sciences, enteral nutrition support, diabetes, renal, pediatrics, oncology, neonatal intensive care unit, geriatrics, and three weeks in the adult intensive care units (medical, surgical, and neurological sciences) and independently managing an adult general medical floor as both the dietitian and diet technician. Following the completion of rotations, I did a four-week staff relief in the general pediatrics unit, where I was both the dietitian and diet technician, as well as an adult general medical floor.

Clinical Experience


  • Utilized the Nutrition Care Process to individualize nutrition care for patients in 10 units of the hospital
  • Assessed and prescribe enteral and parenteral nutrition support for those requiring alternate routes of nutrition
  • Attended multidisciplinary rounds to collaborate with the team regarding nutritional optimization using evidence-based practice and the nutrition care process
  • Utilized motivational interviewing and theories of behavior change to enhance nutrition education in a diverse population

Pediatric In-Patient Experience

For one month I was the dietitian and diet technician in the general pediatrics unit, which consisted of over 20 beds and patients less than one to 10 years old of age. The above four skills were utilized when in staff-relief, and commonly conducted educations included:

  • Carbohydrate recognition and counting for children presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis and/or history of poor glycemic control
  • Healthy eating strategies and weight loss if appropriate for those in a BMI percentile >95%
  • Nutritional optimization using a high calorie, high protein diet or concentrated breast milk/formula feeds for those with a poor growth curve, unintentional weight loss, or weight/BMI <5% (common conditions included developmental disabilities, oncology, and cystic fibrosis) 
  • Proper infant feeding strategies
  • Management of percutaneous gastrostomy tubes and methods of initiating feeds based on the caretakers' preferences and patient's tolerance to volume and timing
  • Elimination diets and prescription of elemental formula for children presenting with newly diagnosed eosinophilic esophagitis
  • Increasing dietary fiber for children presenting with constipation and iron for children presenting with anemia


  • Conduct weekly assessments and educational sessions using motivational interviewing and evidence-based practice for the specific nutrition condition
  • Assess for the indication, and if appropriate implement the low-FODMAP diet (elimination and reintroduction phases) for all patients in Gastrointestinal out-patient clinic
  • Completed 3-month outpatient rotations: Celiac, Food Allergy and Sensitivity clinic & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Follow-up clinic
  • Current out-patient rotation: Pediatrics clinic

Pediatric Out-Patient Experience

  • Interpret skin-prick tests and utilize their results to guide an elimination diet while maintaining an optimal diet quality for children with food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis, using changes in weight, 24-hour recalls, and blood tests to assess nutritional adequacy
  • Assess all growth parameters of premature infants and provide education to families regarding proper infant formulas and feeding strategies using recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Follow the growth curve of all children receiving enteral feeds and modify breast milk/formula regimen if children are not meeting goal weight velocity
  • Assess the barriers to change and offer patient-centered strategies to implement healthy eating and weight loss if appropriate to children over the 95th% and their families

To gain more experience with pediatric and neonatal nutrition support, I am currently interning in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a minimum of two weeks each.

Food Service Experience

  • Supervised 10-15 food-service employees daily on the tray line, in production, dishwashing, hospitality, and retail
  • Produced a salad using an assigned ingredient which met specific nutrient requirements and was sold on the cafeteria line

Community Experience

  • Dietetic intern at Camp Triangle D, a week-long overnight camp for middle-school age children with type 1 diabetes where I prepared and conducted three educational sessions, checked blood sugar nightly, assisted with carbohydrate counting at all meal times and prepared and ensured delivery of all meals and snacks based on an individualized insulin:carbohydrate ratio 
  • Created a presentation on bone health for a senior center in Chicago
  • Prepared nutrition presentations and handouts to educate persons at community health events including health fairs, Head Start, and Facing Forward

Managerial Experience

National Nutrition Month Co-Manager

  • Facilitate group-based education sessions in the Rush University Medical Center cafeteria and student lounge using nutrition-related monthly themes
  • Create educational material using evidence-based research, consisting of: posters, handouts, interactive activity, and food sample
  • Collaborate with 14 first year dietetic interns for the delivery of information for educational materials 
  • Supervise the 14 first year dietetic interns when providing nutrition education material to the target audience

Research and Presentations

Master's Thesis: "A quasi-experimental dietitian-provided low-FODMAP intervention assessing changes in quality of life, gastrointestinal symptoms, and nutrient intake in subjects with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome"

Epidemiological Study: "Is there a difference in accordance to the alternate Mediterranean Diet (aMED), intakes of a total alternate aMED score and specific aMED dietary constituents in those diagnosed with asthma compared to those without asthma among a sample of children aged 2-18 from NHANES cycles 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, and 2011-2012 (2005-2012)?"

Graduate Seminar Presentation: "Metabolically Healthy Obesity"



I am confident in my ability to conduct reviews of literature, design validated methodology to collect data, and run IBM-SPSS to properly statistically analyze results. 


I have experience of collaborating with professionals from different areas of healthcare, education, marketing, and journalism.


I am an emotionally intelligent, team-oriented leader who advocates for my patients and the promotion of nutrition to other healthcare professions and the general public.

Public Speaking

I am proficient in and enjoy speaking to diverse ages and populations. 

Additional Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, IBM SPSS, Epic Systems, VioScreen Food Frequency Questionnaire, REDCap database
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress
  • Productivity: Web Outlook, Survey Monkey, Dropbox

Published Writing Samples



Research and Graduate Seminar Presentation

Other Graduate Projects and Presentations 

Internship Projects and Assignments 

National Nutrition Month


Heather Rasmussen, PhD, RD; Senior Thesis Advisor

[email protected]

(312) 942-4401

Diane Sowa, MBA, RD, LDN; Dietetic Internship Director

Christine Sharp, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC; Staff Relief Preceptor