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Business Management

Cincinnati Christian University

Bachelor's Degree 



Project Manager

The Living Room - Norwood OH
  • I create processes for the company's different sector for internal and training purposes
  • I've gained an entrepreneurial edge to help grow our research business. Since my time at our company, we've become corporations' preferred vendor and have built connections for repeat business through the quality of our service
  • Excel and I have formed a beautiful friendship as functions and design is a main part of guaranteeing my company's successful per recruit
  • Time management is a must in my field from tight deadlines and turn around projects 
  • I have had two promotions leading to my current position as I oversee all recruiting functions such as pricing, client connections, and overseeing all recruiting  projects from start to finish to staying up-to-date with the latest research information and procedures
  • My recruiting abilities range from tradition recruiting to intercept recruiting. I am able to build screeners and assist clients through the qualitative research process.

Administrative Assistant

Cincinnati Christian University - Cincinnati OH 
  • Very familiar with payroll systems such as Paycom and Paycor
  • Enter data within an excel spreadsheets regarding employees pay and company reports
  • Basic roles of invoicing, answer phones, and sending professional emails to employees and managers

Public Relations/ Marketing

Constella Arts - Cincinnati OH
  • Wrote synopsis for many local news stations in the Cincinnati area
  • I met profound artist from all over the world and learned about their culture and traditions
  • Social media development for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - very familiar with Hootsuite, Buffer, and more social media scheduling platforms
  • Analyzed click per capita and create click-bait to attract/ use of keyword to attract our target audience


Participant  for the Brainsteer Consulting (MBA) Event, President of the Business Society and Vice President of Student Government at Cincinnati Christian University