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Sarah Peckels



To obtain an tutoring position in which I can utilize my organizational, accounting,  problem solving skills, and web tools knowledge.

Diverse interpersonal communication and customer service experience

Excellent time management skills

Proficient with Google docs, Flashcard Machine, and Google calendar


Work experience


Biology Tutor

North Hennepin Community College
  • Online Biology tutor 
  • Developed a success guide for online students                             


Larry Larson, CPA Public Accounting
  • Preparation of Excel and QuickBooks reports
  • Bookkeeping and bank reconciliations
  • Online research of public records


Extensions by Sarah
  • Owner and founder of a custom service business
  • QuickBooks accounting and record keeping
  • Point of Sale transactions
  • Invoicing and ordering of supplies, maintained lowest product costs

Department Manager

Tom Schmidt's Urban Retreat
  • Developer and manager of custom services department
  • Developed and implemented training that created top earning team in organization
  • Developed system for ordering, tracking, and invoicing customers



Associate of Arts, Accounting

North Hennepin Community College

(GPA: 4.0/4.0)                                              

  •  Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Member
  •  Received Dean’s List Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Achievement

Cosmetology Practitioner

Aveda Institute
  • Graduated with Honors

Licenses and Certifications


Cosmetology Salon Manager

Minnesota Department of Cosmetology Examiners


References available upon request. 


Tutoring requires having a learning skills toolbox that is packed full. Understanding that everyone learns differently is critical to successfully guiding students through every class and question. Many of us learn through repetition. My tool set includes the practical knowledge and use of web tools that mesh time-honored repetitive learning with today's technology. Flashcard machine will allow clients to take their learning beyond tutoring sessions, Google calendar will allow for me to manage time with them and show them how to manage theirs, and utilization of Google docs will allow for compatibility between tutor and student, making remote assistance a breeze. Having the ability and knowledge of such tools provides a value-added service to tutoring clients. 

Continuing Education

It has become clear, through the course of my tutoring career, that staying up on the latest web tools is critical for being able to help students- tools can help student help themselves, and reinforce study skills, time management, and lessons. As more and more schools are employing the use of computers, and more and more classes are taken online-  face to face interactions are being substituted with virtual experiences. When an online classroom doesn't offer the answers, or you only have time to study late at night or during work breaks, mobile technologies and web tools can enhance learning experiences.

To further provide students with opportunities for learning outside of tutoring, I plan to further explore the educational  web tool called Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha is a virtually limitless study tool that allows students to plug in a question and get a step by step answer. Wolfram Alpha covers several subjects: math, science, physics, geography, sociology, and more. Providing students with self-help tools not only increases the amount of time in which they have to learn, but they would also have access to various styles of explanation. Adding value to my tutoring services is what sets me apart. I want to teach my students to love to learn. Learning is not about the outcome, but the process.

Another web tool I plan to gain more experience with is Cacoo. Cacoo is an extremely user friendly, online diagram drawing tool that helps a user to create diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, and other diagrams. This web tool would be great for helping to create "cheat sheets" for students- especially when it comes to math problems  or complicated processes.  I have always found diagrams and mapping useful for brainstorming ideas for papers, and have found that  flow charts are great for managing projects or multiple step problems. Becoming more familiar with this tool, and teaching it to students is yet another way that they can benefit now, and in the future.