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Work experience

Sarah Key Burton

  • Dedicated, professional that possesses strong and valuable customer service, sales and marketing experience
  • Creative entrepreneurial acumen with an understanding of small business management
  • Generates synergies among clients and businesses, producing profitable client relationships
  • Passionate about photography, fine arts, design, and arts management

Partner & CEO

M&C Photographic Reproductions of Fine Art and Training

Sales & Marketing   - Client sourcing and retention through physical & social networking    with fine artists; photographers; galleries, B2B & C2B   - Managing marketing collateral   - Organizing client data base & e-mails

Production Management- Scheduling & meeting with clients on projects- Tracking jobs through to billing- Art direction and photo editing of client photography

Qualification Highlights  • Sales & Marketing• Production Planning & Scheduling• Strategic Planning

• Event Coordination• Business Operations & Management• Creative Team Player

• Social Media Networking platforms ( LI, F.B, Twitter, etc..)• Supply Procurement• Microsoft Suite• Photoshop

Sole Daytime Sales Associate


Open shop, receive merchandise, shelve merchandise, display design, assist with inventory control and all daily operations (washing glasses, cleaning, organizing, sorting papers etc…). Welcome customers into the shop and assist with wine pairing and purchases. Maintain wine club packaging and logistics, helped out with occasional wine tastings and special events. Assist in marketing the franchise by informing customers about the availability of purchase through current owners.

Marketing Assistant


Marketing Assistant Responsibilities:

Maintained client database and all marketing collateral materialsOrganized and implemented follow-up mailingsAssisted in the preparation of trade showsMade cold calls and follow-up for Stanford’s on-site training centerPerformed on-line marketing and lead research for new ATM network management software product

Receptionist Responsibilities:

Routed incoming calls for 200 + employeesRecorded and distributed incoming and outgoing faxesArranged for and tracked all outgoing packages  utilizing local couriers, US Mail, UPS, Fed-X, DHL. International and domesticAssisted human resource department with administrative tasks as neededMaintained database of all incoming resumes and sent out acknowledgment cards       Instrumental in streamlining the front desk production by implementing a new Federal Express computer tracking system

Business Owner / Sales / Marketing Representative / Photographer


Managed production of jobs from sales to billing

(Business with my husband specializing in photographing artist's portfolios)



- Lorton Workhouse - Encaustic workshop

- Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

     Workshop in printing on alternative surfaces.

- Northern VA C.C.
     Studies in Computer Graphics & Web design

 - George Mason University

     General Studies

 - International Center of Photography

     Workshop in Alternative Processes

 - The Corcoran School of Art

     Studied Fine Art & Photography

- Northern VA C.C.

Studies in Interior Design, Photography & Fine Art

Artists Bio

Sarah Key Burton is a Northern Virginia based Digital Fine Artist. She studied Fine Art & Photography at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. where her love of alternative & experimental photographic processes began. While studying at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. Ms. Burton became interested with the concept of merging tradition with technology [painting with photography]. Painters and photographers have always derived inspiration from one another and most artists are interdisciplinary in their processes.

Having made the shift to digital photography in the early 90’s Ms. Burton experimented with digital image manipulation and pushing the boundaries. She would photograph or scan macro images, and then “push pixels” as if they were pastels or paint, adding textures and experimenting with multimedia techniques, photo transfers & substrates (papers & fabrics) to generate original and stirring visual pieces. Currently working on a variety of projects involving both photographic and mixed media Ms. Burton continues to walk the thin line between fine art and photography; encompassing historical references, techniques and vision. Ms. Burton continues to cultivate her artistic and technical education through self study, experimentation & workshops.

Her main influences have been early modern photographers and painters such as Georgia O’Keefe, Paul Klee, Man Ray, Edward Weston, Gertrude Käsebier, & Edward Steichen & Olivia Parker.

Ms. Burton’s professional career encompassed working in the photography & graphic arts industries locally where she met her husband of 20 years. Together they own and operate M&C Printing - Photography + Application Training where they photograph artist’s portfolios & print limited-edition fine art prints. []

Her Artwork has been shown locally and nationally.

Exhibitions List

Herndon ArtSpace - Herndon, VA  - June 2012
  - Juror for the Herndon Town Calendar

Adam Lister Gallery - Fairfax, VA - April 2010

The Soundry - Vienna, VA --- Jan-Mar 2010
"Obscura: Click the Light Fantastic" Alternative Photography Show  [3 pieces]

University of Phoenix Gallery, Reston, VA - BIG & tiny - January 2010
  - 2nd Place in Painting

League of Reston Artist’s, Reston, VA - ArtsCapade  Nov. - January 09-10
LRA Gallery @ Camden Dulles Station

ArtSpace, Herndon,VA, November - 2009
"Small Works" - Juror: Lynn Goldstein

JoAnnRose Gallery - Reston,VA - October - 2009
Exhibition of Fine Art Photography - Judge: Joshua Taylor, Jr.

National Center Gallery - July 2009
Image 4- A photographic Exhibition

U.S. Geological Survey - Reston, VA
Judge: Warren Standley - Awarded the People’s Choice Award

University of Phoenix Gallery - Reston, VA- May 2009
“May Flowers”

League of Reston Artist’s - Reston, VA

A Salon’s Wilson Center Gallery - Washington D.C. - January 1999
"Prints & Photographs" - Juror: Penny Barringer, Printmaker and co-owner of Discover Graphics - Instructor at the Art League, Alexandria, VA

A Salon’s Wilson Center Gallery - Washington D.C. - April 1999
“Redline” - Juror: Clifford Chieffo, Chairman of Georgetown University Art Department

Long Beach Arts Gallery - Long Beach CA - May 1999
“Digital Manipulation” a photo show - Juried show

The Lombardi Cancer Center- George Washington University Medical Center
"Art in the Community / The Corcoran at the Lombardi Center" --  December 1998
Juror: Helen Orem, - Director of the Arts and Humanities Program at the Lombardi Center

The Ellipse Arts Center, Arlington, VA - October 1998
Annual Juried Photography Show
Juror: Gary Sangster, Executive Director of The Contemporary Museum of Baltimore

Corcoran Gallery of Art - Washington D.C
Senior Graduating Exhibition, 1983

Corcoran School of Art - Washington D.C
   Open Program Photography Exhibition - 1981
   Third Year Photography Exhibition -1982
   Senior Thesis Exhibition - 1983

1734 Paperworks Galler - Washington D.C.

Arlington Arts Center - Arlington, VA - 1982
"Unpeopled Spaces" - Juried Group Show,

Fuller & d’Albert - Fairfax, VA - 1980
Juried Group Show

Northern Virginia Community College - 1980
Group Show

New Camera: "Experimental Photography" - 1982
Juried Group Show

Artist's Statement

My interest in photography was accidental, my love for it permanent and immeasurable. While fulfilling course requirements at Northern Virginia Community College I needed to take photography. I found out quickly that I loved the medium as a means of expression and enjoyed the challenge of the technical process. It merged my desire for expression with science & technology. I proceeded to take all of NVCC’s photo classes spending another year there changing my major from interior design to fine art photography and spent the next 3 years studying at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. While at the Corcoran my work was experimental. I loved alternative processes. For my entrance portfolio to the photography program I taught myself how to print gum bichromate prints. I discovered early on that if I combined cyanotype printing with gum prints you get a richer print. I used a Diana camera, enlarged my negatives and printed pin-registered landscapes. They were influenced by the romantic pictorial prints of the late 1900’s. My final work abandoned the camera altogether, it was mainly darkroom. I was making my own negatives on acetate. This is an old process called cliché’ verre. After a long hiatus of being a fulltime parent I am rediscovering my vision, my creative passion. I am emerging with newfound energy, perspective, concentration and determination.

Drawing from the past

While studying at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. I became interested with the concept of merging tradition with technology [painting with photography]. Painters and photographers have always derived inspiration from one another and most artists are interdisciplinary in their processes. For example Thomas Eakins and Man Ray are both painter and photographer. I too am concentrating my creative efforts in this vein. However, with the digital revolution it appears as if everyone is blurring the lines. My artistic intent is to find a different and dynamic way of manipulating the medium and showcasing my body of work. Hoping to merge or dissolve the boundaries between the two mediums successfully forming new and exciting images based in tradition but stretched by using current technology.

Georgia O'Keeffe’s images of flowers, the color and playful style of Paul Klee, as well as Whistler’s watercolors have all been a continuous source of inspiration for me. Additionally, I have used chalk pastels and watercolors in the past and I am venturing to achieve a similar feeling using digital technology as my main tool and concurrently exploring and constructing a style of my own. The pictorial photographs of the 1900’s such as Gertrude Kasebeir, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston have also been major influences on me. I have concentrated my current work mainly with photographing flowers close up. Gardening is also a passion of mine and I use my gardens as well as going to other places such as meadowlark or even the local green houses in winter just to see the beauty of a fresh bloom. I also am drawn to landscapes and cityscapes. I look for texture, color and the stillness of being when one is in the environment. I also love to find the painted and decomposing element and contrast it with the digital process.

Cultivation & Evolution

When I began this process in the early 90’s I was using a SLR [film]. I would then scan the images and import them into PhotoShop manipulating and producing new images. This was early digital. I am now using a digital camera, PhotoShop, Painter and a digital drawing tablet. I will typically shoot, edit, manipulate, and print a small image. Then live with the print for a while until I get a creative spark to alter it further or print it larger and on what type of paper or canvas. After which I’ll live with it a little more and then decide if it needs more digital manipulation or alteration outside of the digital process i.e. hand coloring or painting or using it in a multi-media piece. This is a very slow process. Not the actual printing but the germination period; the incubation of the creative idea, the cultivation of my creative process.

Reflection & Evaluation

While reflecting on my work and how it has evolved over time I am happy with the results for the most part but there’s more to be uncovered, revealed & cultivated. One cannot develop creatively in a vacuum. The next step in making art is opening one’s self up and sharing it with the world; receiving exposure and feedback in order to propagate one’s creative spirit. Much like cultivating a garden, an artist’s work needs tilling, weeding and nurturing. But without an audience, a place to be; without all of that the “why” would become inconsequential.