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                            • Nurturing                        
                            • Compassionate
                            • Respectful
                            • Thoughtful
                            • Responsible
                            • Creative


Aug 2009May 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Child Development

California State University, Chico

Related Experiences

       08/2013 - 05/2014                 Children's Community Charter School         Paradise, Ca                                             

     Social Work Intern

                  • Participated in over 485 hours in working with K- 8th grade children building rapport, empathy and implementing a social skills curriculum in the classroom called Second Step as well implemented a one on one group with children needing more help outside the classroom.


Jan 2015May 2015

Intern/Evening Monitor Assistant/ Child Care Program Coordinator

Torres Shelter
  • Assisted the Shelter Monitors during the busy hours by helping with various routine tasks. Planned and organized activities for children and provided child care with age appropriate curriculum while parents attended night parenting classes.
Aug 2014Dec 2014

Intern in Infant Room

Associated Students Child Development Lab
  • Dedicated over 70 hours in working with infants and developed curriculum for improving the development of infants through classroom play.
Sep 2012Dec 2012

Intern in Infant Room

Chico Children's Community Center
  • Assisted with day to day activities, planned and lead infant curriculum twice a week .

Relevant Coursework

  • Issues in Assessments for Children and Families was taken in Fall of 2013. This course provided a summary of child and family assessment. This course offered both research-based theory and practical applications in these areas. I learned to apply the knowledge gained to relevant assigned projects and papers.
  • Methods of Inquiry in Child Development was a writing proficiency course that was taken in the Spring of 2013. I learned the fundamentals of scientific methodology, increased my knowledge of qualitative research methods, and acquired quantitative skills in measurement and statistical evaluation. These skills can be applied through reviewing, evaluating, and communicating research.
  • Multicultural Awareness for Human Services was taken in Fall of 2012. This course presented a framework for understanding and openly interacting with people from diverse backgrounds that is composed within the United States. The class is designed to promote ethnic-sensitive interpersonal relationships. The diverse people that are studied are  distinguished by issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion/spirituality, generation, and national origin.  The overall goal was to develop high regard for the worth and dignity of all people.
  • Human Behavior Across the Lifespan was taken in Fall of 2012. This course used a systems framework and selected human behavior theories across the lifespan, the biological, social, psychological, and cultural influences on individuals, families, and groups are investigated. There is a particular emphasis that is given to ethnic and cultural diversity and promoting self-reflection across generations and cultural competence.
  • Observational Techniques was taken in Fall of 2011. This course included gaining and applying basic observation skills regarding children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. The course also required observations of preschool aged children and using the skills learned to take and practice writing observation notes.
  • Child Development was taken in Fall of 2010. This class provided theories and foundations of child development. Also included in this class was the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children from conception through adolescence. This course examined genetic, biological, and environmental influences including cross-cultural issues.


  • Achieved Dean’s List status for 3 years.
  • Personally financed 90% of college education and living expenses through part-time jobs and hard work.


Cumulative: 3.027

Child Development Major: 3.449

Social Work Major: 3.433


  • Hands On Bay Area, Volunteer
  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Epsilon Kappa Chapter, Alumna       
  • Tennis
  • Running 5k's


Professional documents and  videos that support my knowledge in Child Development.