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Personal Statement

I pride myself to be trustworthy, honest, loyal and kind.  My strength is to perform to the best of my ability and I always strive for 110% effort whenever I perform a task.  I have a passion for acquiring new skills and learning new systems; I am a fast learner.  I consider myself to have a good sense of humour and I work well in a team environment, as well as on my own.  I am a highly motivated and organised person, who is able to retain a calm demeanour under pressure.  I enthusiastically respond to new challenges and I use initiative when called upon.


Customer Service

I pride myself for having excellent customer service.  I have been serving customers for 2 years.  When I worked at a cafe at SilverStar mountain resort, I would always give my best service to every customer that walked in. This is because I knew that it would make their experience up at the resort more enjoyable and it always made me happier knowing that my service had a positive impact on them. At Countdown I would provide customer service by answering questions and helping customers whether it was in the store or online. 

Time Management

I pride myself for having excellent time management skills.  When babysitting it is important to make sure the children are fed and put in bed on time.  At Enactus, working on a project I had to complete certain tasks that had time limits put on them so the project could move forward. Also, while at university, it was required of me to complete assignments on time to receive a passing grade.


I pride myself for having excellent organisational skills.  At Girl Guides, being organise is important as I must make sure I've got everything prepared for each unit night.  And, while at University I needed to remain organised otherwise I would have fallen behind on assignments and other work.

Team Work
  • I have experience working in a team through my time at the University of Waikato and Girl Guides.  At the university, to accomplish assignments often it was required that students work in teams.  I did so eagerly and I found that I was able to work well with others.  
  • At Girl Guides, to have a well run program requires for all the leaders to work well together. This meant keeping in contact with each other, building close relationship and understanding the other leaders behaviour. 


I developed strong communication skills through my time at University , Girl Guides and Enactus. Standing in front of a class or a group of people presenting a topic taught me confidence in communicating. Working in groups I have learnt that  communication is a key factor in a team's success by making sure messages are properly communicated among each person.

Problem Solving

At university I have taken papers which allows me to take a logical and analytical approach to solving problems given and dealing with issues given.  It allows me to approach a problem from a different angle.


While at university, during my 2nd year, I took initiative and became group leader when working on a group assignment.  Everyone was able to complete their tasks and we received an A grade.

Computer Skill
  • I am proficient at using Microsoft Office software (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as I have used these programmes through my student career at Hamilton Girls' High and Waikato University.
  • I am always looking to improve my computer knowledge and I confident in learning new software packages.

Work experience



SilverStar Mountain Resort


  • Serve food and beverage to customers
  • Made sure the cafe was fully stock
  • Cleaned up the cafe at the end of the work hours
  • Prepare the cafe in the morning for the rest of the day
  • Cashed out the till at the end of work hours

Online Shopper

Countdown Supermarket


  • Do customer's grocery shopping when they order online
  • Provide customer service to customers online and in store
  • Helped with stocking items in store
  • Worked in a team to make sure orders were done in time


Girl Guiding NZ


  • Prepare and run programmes
  • Teach girls life skills and build confidence and self-reliance
  • Attend district meetings
  • Attend module and skill training
  • Work along with other leaders
  • Be a role model


Grimmer 's Household


  • Organize and take part in leisure activities such as games, crafts, comics, outings and exercise
  • Discipline children in keeping with the methods requested by the parents
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment inside the home
  • Keep an eye on children’s activities during meals and rest periods
  • Take care of the emotional comfort of children
  • Carry out light housekeeping duties


Hillcrest Bakery


  • Served food and beverage
  • Clean up at the end of the day
  • Gained good communication and customer service skill

Team Member



  • Attending meetings to meet sponsors, business partners and advisors
  • Writing up a business proposal
  • Research
  • Managing financial records
  • Recording meetings
  • Planning for future task
  • Networking with future sponsors

Worker in Packing Shed

Greenfern Les Asperges LTD


  • Sort out asparagus into sizes and standard qualities
  • Binding and packing asparagus for shipping
  • Cleaning and packing up equipment at the end of work hours



Business Management Degree

Waikato University

I am currently in my fourth year of my degree. I am doing a business management degree with honours. I am majoring in Marketing.


NCEA Level 1,2,3

Hamilton Girls' High

This was where I went to High School, where I managed to pass my NCEA.

Interests and Hobbies

During my quiet times I love to bake, read and trying new cuisine. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and usually enjoy going on hikes with them on a nice day. My dream is to travel all over the world, I have a sense of adventure and always want to try new things. My life goal is to find myself and grow to be a better person.

"Not all those who wonder are lost" -JRR Tolkien


Lauren Plank
Leader, Girl Guides
Mobile: 0222906647
Email: [email protected]

Mark Lehmann
Food and Beverage Manager, SilverStar
Email:[email protected]

Cheyrl Haywood
Online Manager, Countdown
Phone: 09 2552093