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About Sara Addison Hatch

In mid-2014, after a decade of senior leadership experience developing and managing at-home workforces, Addison Hatch established Hatch Consulting Services. As CEO and the firm’s principal consultant, she crafts and oversees the implementation of risk management and service improvement strategies for enterprises large and small, including Google, Eddie Bauer, American Express, and Sprint. Sara Addison Hatch’s clients include outsourcing organizations, enterprises that maintain some or all of their own contact center operations, and firms contemplating changes either in their systems or software platforms, or more complex options, including implementation of at-home workforces or outsourcing.

Sara Addison Hatch earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from North Carolina’s Davidson College. She minored in Spanish and economics, and graduated with honors. Before she formed her consulting firm, she filled senior leadership roles for such firms as Xerox, VIPDesk, and Capital One, where she was responsible for the company’s entire work-at-home operation.

Outside the office, Hatch enthusiastically supports such charitable organizations as and Habitat for Humanity. She enjoys a variety of recreational and leisure activities, including travel “Lonely Planet”-style, running, cycling, yoga, basketball, and tennis. Her tastes in entertainment are eclectic, but lean to family-friendly comedy. Another favorite hobby is cooking, especially creating meals on an impromptu basis from whatever she finds in the refrigerator and pantry.

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