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I am a person who do all that want, make the things that want to do, I motivate myself in things that are important, I always want to be the leader in the this I do , and that things do it well, I´m not the most patience person, but I relax myself in difficult times to solve the problem, I love to create thins by myself unique and news, and I organize my time very good, I have time to do all the things I want to do.


Jul 2011Aug 2015

I worked in my dad factory, that calls, Vertika, I help to accomodate all the papers and the boxes.



Likes and Dislikes

I like most of sports specially Soccer and Football. I dont like the basketball. I love the music, all the music,  my favorites singers are ; Adam Levine and Ed Sheeran, i dond like the Reggaeton. I always like to what I want, I always do all my effort in all the things to do it well.

Key competences

I dont have to many awards or certifications. I have 5 Testing Program Certifications in Word, Photoshop,Excel,Power Point and Sketch up. I have certifications of something in Cambridge; KET and PET. I have many certifications in Mathletics, and 2 awards in Spelling Bee, And also I have trophies in soccer, tennis and Athletism.