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  CV for Sanjiv Malhotra – for Internet based Content / Article Writer ( This resume / CV has been prepared  specifically for Article / Content matter writing work, full resume can be furnished on request but it would not be only  pertinent to Content / Article writing works. ) Sanjiv Malhotra Flat No 902, 9th floor, Bldg : S1, Kumar Sophronia, near Kumar City, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA Cell: (0) 98237 85235 Email: [email protected] Career Profile: To take up the responsibilities of an Internet based Article /Content Writer / Offline & Online Typing works / Proofreading , wherein my skills and abilities will contribute towards the growth of the organization / Web Portal. Core Competencies: Expertise in conducting online Research across many Topics. Have knowledge of article / content writing development, content analysis, search engine, content gathering and writing Original articles that pass through copyscan etc. Expertise in ability to use internet in generating articles Possess strong English  skills Good written and verbal communication skills Passion for writing Technical Knowledge: Fully conversant in Ms office, copyscan and other anti plagiarism Programs Vast experience of the internet  and computers Educational Summary: Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Hons. in Economics, First Class in ISC,  from university of Pune in the year 1985 Certification: Diploma in Computer applications from Aptech computer academy, Pune ( 1999 ) Professional Experience: I am the sales director at Beiktel Constructions ( family owned firm ) since 1985 till date Handled all computer and internet based applications  for the firm Since 2010 have professionally started writing content /matter  articles for Indian based firms who are in turn collating such articles for international web portals building directories on various topics / subjects     Personal Bio – Data Name : Sanjiv Malhotra Sex : Male   Marital Status : Married Age : 47 yrs ( DOB : 11/12/1964 )   SAMPLE ARTICLE WRITTEN FOR WEB PORTAL :   Panoramic Cabo Polonia Beach - Beaches In Uruguay Rustic but authentic – that’s how one could best describe Cabo Polonia Beach – arguably amongst the most remote, isolated  and super secluded beaches in Uruguay. It is about 5 – 6 hours away from Montevideo by bus and behold you are dropped off on the highway itself as there are no roads which go to Cabo! There are only three ways one can reach Cabo from the highway. By horseback, by Monster 4 X 4 trucks! and by walking. This is because the entire stretch from the highway leading up to Cabo Polonia Beach is covered with “moving” sand dunes. The action of the winds whip up and swirl the sand all over and the wind keeps modifying their forms and it seems as if they were “moving” and had a life of their own. Truly one of the most significant sand dune complexes of the country. Cabo Polonia Beach is a fishing village which mind you – has no electricity, no internet cafes, no phones (save for one common landline), no running water and no roads - probably one of the few beaches in Uruguay to be so. The sheer absence of these luxuries makes it a truly secluded place to retreat and unwind one’s self. With just over 70 people staying here it is a queer mix of fishermen, hippies and expats. There are a few hotels in Cabo but here they are called “Hostels”. A very interesting fact is that one of these hostels was named in the top 5 hostels in the world by a British newspaper in 2007! For a place so secluded it is amazing to earn such honour. Another popular form of accommodation is beach shacks or Cabanas as they are called here. These are quite cheap to rent out and are popular amongst the tourists who flock here, mainly in the months of December to March – which is considered the “season” to visit Cabo Polonia Beach. Amongst the beaches in Uruguay, Cabo Polonia beach was once a seal hunting territory of the Sea Lions, but now it protects its huge colony of Sea Lions who live on the rocky islands near the famed Lighthouse – the only place which has electricity from the grid. It’s probably the presence of the sea lions on the beach to the horses running wild over the dunes, the sheer absence of material comforts and the magic of the candlelit night that makes Cabo Polonia Beach amongst those once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences. It is correctly believed that due to the fact that no tourists can drive down cars to Cabo, Cabo Polonia Beach has retained its natural beauty and has remained so peaceful - untouched by modern civilization. This is a very unique feature of this beach amongst the beaches in Uruguay. The main attractions of Cabo Polonia Beach are its safe waters, bright sun and breathtaking panoramic views. Meals are simple but very tasty and consist of meats, local vegetables, different kinds of pumpkins, assortment of herbs and sweet potatoes.  “Restaurants” – food stands, bars and eateries come up during the summer when the peak tourist season begins.   In the end, I think that the truth about Cabo Polonia Beach is that this rustic fishing village with homely hospitality and moving sand dunes and devoid of any kind of luxury still offers plenty of adventure & excitement. . So if you are not that fussy kind who really doesn’t care whether there is electricity or not and if it’s fish probably  the only thing that you are going to eat then Cabo Polonia Beach, a  slice of  Heaven , amongst the most secluded beaches in Uruguay ,  is truly paradise.