B.S Applied and Computational Mathematics (2009)
San Jose State University


Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

A.I/Gameplay Programmer (Unity3D)

Synosure Games Studio

​ ​  - Working on features such as player controller, camera, A.I, gameplay,... 
   - Implementing systems, gameplay features to support design requests
   - Optimizing game performances

Jan 2014 - Present

Gameplay Programmer (Unity3D)

IPFranchise Games

​  - Identifying and fixing gameplay bugs, UI glitches
  - Integrating plugins to Unity3D (GooglePlayGames, Cashplay, Everyplay, ...)

Apr 2014 - Present

Indie  Mobile Game Developer (Unity3D)

QS Games Studio

   - Designing/Programming mobile games using Unity3D, C#, Maya.
   - Implementing Google Ad Service(AdMob) into games
   - Creating, managing marketing campaign on Facebook, Google Adwords to distribute the games.

Technical Skills




Game Engine, SDK:

Unity3D, MonoDevelop, Android SDK, Maya, Microsoft Office,  Photoshop

Physics Programming:

NavMesh, Rigidbody, Collider system in Unity3D

Gameplay Programming:

Familiarity with scripting in Unity3D, creating gameplay, game logic with Keyboard +Mouse Input  and mobile devices input including player controllers, A.I, spawning system, collision detection, ...


Familiarity with integrating plugins (Admob, Google Play Services,...) into mobile games, making builds and publishing.

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