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Sanford “Sandy” Schupper is a loving father, a proud veteran of the United States Army, and a successful businessman. The recipient of a self-described PhD from the “School of Hard Knocks,” Sanford Schupper has achieved his success in life from a combination of passion, dedication, and hard work. Presently, Sanford Schupper helps companies implement these traits in their own operations as a Fund Manager for two venture capital/private equity firms: Wingspan Partners, Inc. and Venus Holdings, Ltd. LLC. Sanford Schupper began his entrepreneurial career with the establishment of his first company, Mediserve/Dentiserve. Serving as President and CEO, Sanford Schupper successfully built the company to offer a stand-alone billing management system for medical and dental practices, eventually selling it to a NYSE-listed company. Sanford Schupper served in prominent leadership roles for a number of companies in the technology and telecommunications industries, including Intelligent Statements/Screenplay, MicroDisk, Brown Bag Software, and Flat Rate Communications. Currently, Sanford Schupper leverages his considerable experience and talents toward the management of Your Personal Assistant, LLC, an innovative company that provides professional and dedicated personal assistance services for busy professionals. With the company since 2006, Sanford Schupper currently serves as Director of Strategic Development, focusing on developing both short-term and long-term strategies that will continue to push the company toward a successful public offering or acquisition. When he is not busy with his varied business ventures, Sanford Schupper enjoys fly-fishing, learning about emerging technologies, taking photographs, piloting planes, and sharing the company of his two daughters. Sandy Schupper also spends his spare time contributing to his Pasadena, California, community by supporting such organizations as Monrovia Fresh and the Pasadena Jewish Community Center. Sanford Schupper is a former student of Boston University, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School.

Work experience


SBS Resources

Director of Strategic Development

Your Personal Assistant, LLC

Fund Manager

Wingspan Partners Inc.

Fund Manager and Director of Strategic Development

Venus Holdings Ltd. LLC



Harvard Medical School

Harvard Business School

Boston University