Sandy Schumacher

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico Area, US
Sandy Schumacher

Work experience

Work experience

Executive Presentations/negotiations

Executive Presentations/Negotiations — Continuous Improvement Strategies — Strategic & Tactical Planning — Budgeting & Forecasting — Cost/Benefit & Business Analysis — Contract Service Management — Teambuilding & Training PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ANYTIME FITNESS-NORTHWEST NM

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership — Shopping Center Management — Multi-Site Operations — P&L/Fiscal Management — Margin & Collections Growth — Marketing & Business Development — Revenue & Occupancy Maximization — Client/Tenant/Customer Relations —


EXECUTIVE General Manager, Regional Marketing Manager & Business Manager Results-proven manager of regional shopping center, multimillion-dollar business operations, and multi-property/multi-state marketing programs whose career has been distinguished by commended performance, retention and promotion through multiple company acquisitions, and notable achievements. Experienced leader who excels in building high-performance teams and operations to drive continuous growth and improvement. Track record includes elevating NOI to historic bests, increasing production/revenues by over 50%, maximizing occupancy/customer base(single-year gains of up to 25%), and achieving near-perfect customer satisfaction scores(98% +)-all while controlling costs and lowering overhead. —
2005 - Present

Business Manager

4M+ group dental practice. Business Manager, Manage daily operations and $2.2M operating budget; direct capital expenditures; formulate and implement policies/procedures and internal/external marketing programs; and supervise a cross-functional, 30-member employee team. Charged to reduce overhead, achieve projected NOI, enhance community relations, and increase the value and profitability of the practice by growing patient base and controlling costs. Key Results: Increased production and revenue over 50% to benchmark record-setting year-end of $4.3M with a 98% success rate in collections. Launched highly effective marketing/referral-generation programs to drive 25% growth in new patients(averaging 115 new patients monthly). Led staff development, performance management, team mission instilment, goal-setting, and continuous improvement initiatives that catapulted employee engagement, accountability, and productivity while simultaneously lowering overhead by 10%. Initiated budget and capital expenditure forecasting to improve future planning and fiscal visibility. Implemented technology-based tools(e.g., patient confirmation system, online customer survey) that were instrumental to driving historic improvement in customer satisfaction(current approval rating of 98% +) as well as over $200K in additional annual revenues.
1995 - 2005

General Manager

acquired affiliate JP REALTY, INC.— Farmington, NM GGP has ownership interest in or management responsibility for 200+ regional shopping malls in 44 states. GGP acquired JP Realty(a regional property management firm) in 2002. General Manager, Animas Valley Mall(GGP), 2004 to 2005
2004 - 2005

General Manager of Animas

Key Results as General Manager of): Developed/administered $5.5M operations budget and achieved goal-surpassing fiscal results in all categories including increased NOI and CAM(common area maintenance) and decreased controllable costs. Worked with corporate team to avert the loss of key cinema tenant(saving shopping center from combined leasing/revenue losses of over $1.8M annually) by using personally developed impact study to assist in retaining tenant and also expanding their shopping center footprint. Worked with corporate controller to resolve prior, long-standing co-tenancy issue where efforts by predecessors had been unsuccessful, resulting in $214K applied against balance on center aging. Created and facilitated property's annual strategic planning meetings that were lauded by corporate executives as extremely helpful in targeting and guiding their pursuit of prospective tenants. Received the highest possible marks on performance assessments. Cited by VP/group director as one of the company's“ most outstanding general managers.”
2002 - 2004

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
1995 - 2002

Regional Marketing Manager/marketing Manager

JP Realty
Regional Marketing Manager/Marketing Manager, Advanced through multiple promotions during ten-year employment, culminating in GM role overseeing fiscal, business, operations, leasing, security, and contract services management of a 500, 000-sq.-ft., five-anchor shopping mall serving a 120-mile radius. In previous marketing management positions, directed comprehensive marketing programs/strategies for four shopping centers spanning up to three states and totaling over 2M sq. ft., with accountability for achieving property NOI and occupancy goals by generating strong shopping center and leasing revenues. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
1991 - 1995

Marketing Manager

— Farmington, NM Manages millions of square feet of regional malls, community centers, and mixed-use projects. Marketing Manager,, 1991 to 1995 Directed marketing program, budgets, campaigns, and collateral for Animas Valley Mall. Key Results: Sponsored over a dozen community events each year that generated $100K+ in annual publicity. Consistently achieved corporate accolades for outstanding budget management, with executive-level commendations for promoting center effectively while remaining on or below budget. Retained to continue as Animas Valley Mall marketing manager(and subsequently earned regional manager promotion) when JP Realty bought out Urban Retail Properties' interest in this property.