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Sandra Reynolds

Lead Faculty SCCC Medical Coding & Billing Program/Facilitator & Developer



Trident University Jan 2012- December 2014




Currently Enrolled

Sep 2008May 2011


Jan 2001May 2003

Human Services

Suny Empire


Additional Skills
Administrating Programs Budgeting Expenses Knowledge of Government Affairs (Budgeting/Funding) Knowledge of Concepts ; Principles Customer Service Resolving Conflict Public Speaking Independent Thinker Good Judgment & Decision Maker Quality Work Producer Goal Orientated Accountable Responsible Prompt Time Management Maintains Accurate Records Creative Thinker Prioritizing Orientated System Evaluation Social Perceptiveness Medical Terminology Multitask Orientated Teaching & Instructing Preparing Written Communications Designing Presentations Developing & Facilitating Presentations Designing Curriculum's Culturally Competent Collaborating with Professional Drafting Reports Counseling People Public Relations Active Listening Active Participant Coordinating Schedules Banking Constructing Evaluating Troubleshooting Ordering System Analysis  
Counseling & Crisis Intervention
Development & Facilitating


Magma Cum Laude

TUI International University
Dec 2003Mar 2006



Work experience

Instructor-Head Faculty Medical Billing & Coding


Head Faculty facilitator fir Medical Coding ^ Billing Program.

Resume 2014

Experiences & Skills

Sandra's Presentations


To represent an organization with leadership, backed by character. Ensuring a culture of integrity and accountability.


RISE Advocacy Training 65 Hours

NASW Understanding Cancer (SW Role) 2 Hours

SLCH Advanced Directives 2 Hours

SLCH Steller Service 1 Hour

NASW - End of Life Care (SW Role) 2 Hours

SLCH Mental Status Exam 1 Hour

NYSDOH Confidentiality Law (HIV) 3 Hours

NYSDOH Treatment Fraud (HIV) 3 Hours

NYSDOH Reducing Risk (HIV) 18 Hours

NYSDOH Case Management (HIV Prevention) 7 Hours

NYSDOH HIV Testing 6.5

Treating Criminal Justice Client 6 Hours

NYSDOH (HIV Update) 3 Hours

NYSDOH (HIV Disclosure) 3 Hours

NYSDOH (STD's & HIV) 3 Hours

NYSDOH (Staged-Based Behavioral Counseling) 19.5 Hours

NYSDOH (Mental Health Services) 15 Hours

CEI (HIV Adherence) 2 Hours

NYSDOH (Testing HIV Skills Practice) 6.5

NASW (Understanding HIV) 2 Hours

NYSDOH (HIV Testing NYS) 4 Hours

Orasure Technology (Oraquick Advance)

NYSDOH (Cultural Competency) 6.5 Hours


NYSDOH (Overview HIV/AIDS Infection) 6.5

NYSDOH (Domestic Violence) 6.5

NYSDOH (Adolescent HIV Testing/Counseling) 6.5 Hours

SUNY Albany (HIV-Substance Use) 13 Hours

NYSDOH (DV - Lesbian-Gay -Transgendered Groups) 6.5 Hours

NYSDOH (HARM Reduction) 18 Hours

NYSDOH (Improving Health Outcomes for HIV inmates into Communities) 6 Hours

NYSDOH (STD's) 3 Hours

NYSDOH-ARCS (Group Facilitation Skills) 13 Hours

Westchester DOC (Safetalk-Suicide alertness) 3 Hours

NASW (Health Disparities-End of Life) 2 Hours

Quantum (Treatment for Persons with HIV) 2 Hours

ARCS of Sullivan County - SKIP Training (Safe Crisis Intervention)

ARCS of Sullivan County (Medication Certification)

Albany Medical College (HIV Dermatological Manifestation) 1.75 Hours

SUNY Albany (Antiviral Therapy)

NYSDOH (HIV/HEP C Co-infection) 3 Hours

Empire Justice Center (Maximizing Heath Care to HIV Individuals) 2 Hours

Professional Recommendations

"Ms. Mansueto is an intelligent and energetic person who works until the task is completed. She brings organization and dedication to any task. She is a strong leader and a good team member and knows how to shift roles successfully.

She would make an outstanding addition to any faculty or staff. She would be a strong candidate for any position in the health, health business management, or academic field related to health sciences.

Ms. Mansueto provided an academically rigorous classroom experience and upheld behavioral standards with firmness and compassion. The result of her approach is reflected in the responses from the supervisors at the internship sites which were overwhelmingly positive. "

Rebecca McBride DiLiddo, Ph.D.



"I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra for more than 3 years and have always known her to be a very committed, dedicated professional. She has always been a pleasure to work with. She would be a valuable asset to your organization."

J Yazzo, FNP

Health Service Coordinator

(Westchester Dept.of Corrections)

"I have worked with Sandra for the past year and she has proven to be a hard working, reliable and dedicated employee. Sandra would be a welcome addition to your workplace."

Patricia Adams -RN

(Crystal Run Healthcare)     

"Ms. Mansueto is a dynamic, independent individual and due to her motivation, professionalism and creative energy was promoted from a supportive role to a clinical profession. She is a strong advocate for her clients and a role model to her peers and co-workers."

W. Affron (Dir. Behavioral Health) (SLCH)  

"Sandra has a strong sense of purpose with strong organizational skills. She is superior in her verbal and written communication skills. She is mature, dependable, insightful and honest. She has been an asset to our hospital" Martha Thompson

(Clinical Nurse Manager-SLCH)  

""A Self-starter who takes the initiative in completing tasks, even if they are entirely foreign to her. She has succeeded beyond the expectations of the behavioral health unit medical staff." 

E Keller L.C.S.W., RPA (SLCH)

"Sandra works well independently and served as an exceptional leader whenever teamwork was needed. We would never be able to find anyone who is as committed to their work and helping others. As a former supervisor to Sandra, I feel she will be an asset to any organization that hires her. She is dependable and loyal and a pleasure to have on staff. She is compassionate, intelligent, extremely motivated and has excellent interpersonal, communication, counseling and teaching skills. She is one of the best employees I ever had the opportunity to supervise. Her services are sadly missed."

Dr. Kimberely Collica

Professor/Berkeley/Justice Studies Dept.

"It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Sandra Mansueto. Until recently, I have been Sandra’s inter-departmental supervisor. I have found her to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. She has been one of our most dedicated employees. Sandra is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. During her two year tenure while I worked at ARCS, she set an unprecedented record in my portfolio growth and new client acquisition. Sandra's work ethic stood out from the others – in my eyes and opinion.While her on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar, Sandra has also become a close friend to many of us. We pride ourselves on our mutual values and close knit community, and in this area she truly shines. Sandra has always follow-through with my departmental needs and programmatic needs. I highly recommend her for employment with your organization. She is a team player, a great person and an absolute asset to any organization."

V. Peralta Jr.

Senior Broker - EMEX,LLC