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About me

I began dancing at the age of six, trained ballet, jazz, , disco show and acrobatics until the age of sixteen.In this time I took a part in a lot of contests in Poland and Europe and I win a lot of them.When I was sixteen I started my professional dance career in Warsaw.I danced in theatre jazz group and I took a part in many performance and shows.For my, like a dancer most important  thing is evolving my body and skills. That is why I take a lot of classes  and internacional workshops. I have performed for various promotional events in Poland.

I am graceful  professional dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music and a creative ability to express themselves through movements.I have excellent flexibility and ability to coordinate body movements and express my ideas and stories by my body.

I am ready to work as a part of team with other  singers, performers and artist.

Work Experience

Sep 2014Mar 2016


School Dance of Salsa Luis Chavez in Valencia

dancer in group of salsa 

Dec 2009Jul 2013


Dance Theatre in Warsaw

dancer in theatre production

Jan 2009Jan 2013


Cristal Model 

model and dancer in promotional events

Dec 2009Jun 2010

Dance Teacher

Dance School of Hakiel

give classes of hip-hop, jazz, broadway jazz and stretching for  children adolescents and adults


Oct 2008Nov 2013


University of Social Sciences and Humanities

sport,business and social psychology

Sep 2009Jul 2012

Modern Dance Teacher

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

classes of contemporary, modern dance, jazz, broadway jazz,ballet, hip-hop, 

Jun 2008Nov 2008

Workshops in Broadway Dance Center in New York

dance school Broadway Dance Center

classes of:

ballet, jazz, broadway jazz, modern dance, contemporary, hip-hop

Sep 1998May 2008

dance group Skat 

dance school of Karolina Grabacik

classes of hip-hop,disco dance, acrobatics, contemporary,jazz

contest in Poland 

contest in Europe

Oct 1995Jul 1998

classes of ballet and acrobatics 

dance school  Irina Sidoruk 

classes of ballet and acrobatics for children 

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Contests and Awards

-Championship in Poland in category of disco dance girls  solo (1999,2000,2005)

-Championship in Europe in category of disco-show duo (200,2003)

-Championship in Poland in category of hip-hop solo girls (2006,2008)

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-make-up ( I had make-up itle)

-travels ( Europe, United States, China, Thailand, Dubai, Qatar)

.-sport (skate, volleyball, swimming)

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DANCE : Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: Jana Kilińskiego 8, Białystok, Poland, Dance school Marcin Hakiel:( Hakiel Academia Tanca), calle Aleja Niepodleglosci 80., Warsaw, Poland ,Dance Theatre in Warsaw:  (Anna Wielogorska )calle Elektoralna 12, Warsaw,Poland,  Dance school of salsa Luis Chavez: Calle Plátanos, 37,València,Spain

MODELO : Start Studio, calle Chelmska 21, Warsaw, Poland

Psychology :University of Social Sciences and Humanities: Chodakowska 19/31, Warsaw, Poland