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Sandra Mulder


Sandra Mulder is creative,  media content planner, problem solver and a people's person.

She has the ability to work under tremendous pressure and  focus on precision and accuracy.  Every challenge is an opportunity for her to showcase  her knowledge and experience in management, journalism, teaching, news management, media planning and human resource management.

She will be able to successfully and satisfactory deliver excellent work in the fields of communication, journalism, newsroom management and content planning for different media ranging from radio, magazines, newspapers to the separate websites serving the traditional media channels.

Work History

February 2011 Present

Group Commissioning Editor

Central Media Group (OFM radio, Mahareng Publishers, corresponding websites)

  • Top management level that manages  journalists and editors in a multimedia  newsroom delivering content to radio station, newspaper, magazines and websites.
  • Human resource management with performance evaluations, administration of personnel matters like leave, vacation, disciplinary procedures, work schedules, office structures and monitoring of work performance.
  • Execute communication, media coverage, marketing and business strategies and projects.
  • News management, assigning work to news team, monitor and evaluate news tendencies, occurrences etc.
  • Improve work performance 
  • Train and upskill staff members to grow and develop in their work performance
  • Keep reports and statistics on newsroom's contribution to the business initiatives
  • Help design and plan campaigns and special features for marketing products or service in the news media
  • Implement the business ideas that involve the delivery of content and work routine of staff.
  • Set up policies and strategies and initiate innovations to promote and improve the journalism, service to the public, profits, performance, news delivery to our audiences, etc.

March 2010 to January 2011

Institute:  Sandula Tours, a tour operating business in Bloemfontein.

Position: Owner of Sandula Tours.  Self employed


  • Conducted several tours with South Africans, Japanese, Slovakians and some other nations during Fifa World cup.
  • Designed a website and launched in May 2010.
  • Designed tours, interact with service providers like restaurants, hotels, bus companies etc. to design tours to the Free State, Lesotho, Northern Cape, Cape Town, Pretoria, West Coast and more.
  • Use marketing strategies to promote the business and attract customers. Used radio, internal newsletters, pamphlets, advertisements in newspapers.
  • Created links to other websites
  • Social media, email marketing, network marketing and social networks were integrated in the marketing plan.
  • Developed a niche and did market penetration through surveys.
  • Computer literate. Microsoft, Methode, Skype, Google, Adobe, Dreamweaver, web design, Microsoft word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc.

  03/2008 to 2/2010

Institute: Naspers/Media 24/Volksblad, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Position: Senior journalist and deputy news editor at Afrikaanse daily Volksblad


  • News selection, manage and supervise news room and journalists.
  • Give instruction and guidance to journalists
  • Handling public inquiries regarding news matters, edit news stories, write news stories and features, organise meetings and attend news meetings.
  • Computer literacy needed. Use Microsoft, Adobe, Eidos, Methode,
  • Compiled articles, and do news gathering at times when she wasn’t standing in for the news editor.
  • Student reporters were also guided by her while they do their practical training as part of their degrees.


12/2004 to 2/2008

Institution: Naspers / Media 24 in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Position: Editor of the Afrikaans tabloid Son Central in die Central region of South Africa.


  • Responsible for the selection of editorial content of every edition of the weekly newspaper.
  • Producing articles or news reports, finding correspondents to supply stories, rewriting texts, taking pictures and liaise with advertisers, news contacts and general public.
  • Trained and supervise correspondents and reporters working for Son.
  • Meeting deadlines and be able to work under pressure.
  • Helped in the planning of reaching the target market through correct distribution, promotions and other marketing activities. The main objective was to increase the circulation.

  2/2000 to 11/2004 (worked in Taiwan as English teacher)

Institution: Joy Enterprises Organization (American School) in Taipei, Taiwan.

Position: English Teacher at Joy American School (Preschool) in Tienmu (Taipei) and  Joy Children’s Language School (Regular School) in Yunghe (Taipei County)


  • Working with students between the ages of three and seventeen.
  • Teaching English as a Secondary Language to Chinese children, involved with general education as well as guidance in acquiring life skills, discipline and responsibility.
  • Responsible for teaching Art, Math, Music, Science and Physical Education.
  • Participated in the preparation of children’s stage performances during graduations or Christmas ceremonies. Responsible for script writing and rehearsals.
  • Recipient of Teacher of the Year 2003-award from the Department of Education in Taiwan.
  • Recipient of Teacher of the Year 2004 of Joy American School.

 6/1995 to 12/1999

 Institution: Afrikaans daily Beeld, a publication of Naspers/Media 24, in Pretoria

Position: Senior reporter


  • Reporting crime events, correctional services, community affairs, education and general issues.
  • Developed relationships with key sources in collecting information, versed in researching topics and accustomed to demanding deadlines and high-pressure situations.
  • Involved in training junior reporters in news gathering and writing.
  • Recipient of Beeld Journalist of the Year 1998 award and nominated for Scoop of the Year in 1999.

1/1994 to 6/1995

Institution: Metro (weekly), a publication of Perskor Ltd.

Position: Reporter


  • Reporting on military, police, crime, education, welfare and general issues.
  • Assisted management in establishing the new weekly newspaper Metro.
  • Freelanced for an associated magazine Keur.

2/1989 to 1/1994

Institution: Transvaler, a publication of Perskor Ltd.
Position: Reporter


  • Reported crime, military issues, politics, welfare and education.
  • Conducting seminars for junior media officers of the police service and school pupils on the newspaper industry.



Masters in Communication science, Journalism and Media studies

University of the Free State (UFS) – Bloemfontein
  •  Research dissertation done over two years on transforming and converge a traditional radio newsroom into a multimedia newsroom serving the media platforms of print, radio and digital.
  • Completed: July 2014


Degree: Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Communication

  • Institution: University of South Africa (Pretoria)
  • Course type: Examination and submission of research assignments on visual communication, marketing, advertising, cultural communication and newspaper ethics.
  • Date of graduation: 11/1998


Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism

  • Institution: UFS
  • Major courses: communication, industrial communication, industrial psychology, English, German, science of languages, sociology
  • Completion: 5/1989


Certificate in First Aid Level 1

  • Institute: St John’s Ambulance Services – Bloemfontein
  • Course: Certificate in First Aid
  • Course type: Theoretical and practical on CPR, life threatening situations, Emergency Scene management ( ESM), first aid steps in situations, serious burns, bleeding, heart attack, spinal and neck injuries, strokes, choking and other medical situations. Legal aspects concerning first aiders offering help.
  • Completion: 6/2010


National Certificate in Tour guiding – Free State

  • Institute: Makiti Cultural Guiding – Pretoria
  • Course: NQF4 – National Tour guiding
  • Course type: Overview of the history, fauna, flora, tourism trends in South Africa; how to design and conduct tours, tourist types, types of events, costing calculations, legal aspects concerning tourism, how to develop sustainable tourism, hospitality, shat makes a good tour guide, etc. Date of completion of the Tour Guiding course: 6/2010.
  • Provincial guiding: Free State

Chinese Mandarin  3rd year level

  • Institute: Unisa
  • Completion: 2006


Intermediate Practical Chinese course

  • Institute: Taipei Language Institute (TLI)
  • Date of completion: 10/2003


Diploma in Journalism and Short Story Writing

  • Institution: Harcourt Learning Direct in the U.S.A.
  • Date of Graduation: 5/2002



Training and education

As English teacher in Taiwan her ability to train and work with children and older people as been identified. She has been awarded twice as teacher of the year in Taiwan.

She has also been involved with different training of journalists during her career as editor. She has also been speaker at different student gatherings where she addressed them on journalism.

Human Resource Management

Improve staff's work performance, train staff (internally or organise externally training events)

Identify staff and skills needed to deliver desired work

Recruit staff and manage job interview

Handle disciplinary processes 


Producing articles or news reports, finding correspondents to supply stories, rewriting texts, taking pictures and liaise with advertisers, news contacts and general public.

Have exceptional good interpersonal skills to liaise with public and build a loyal contact network

Identify, compile and present content for respective media channel in the correct format and relevancy

Newsroom management

Performance evaluations, administration of personnel matters like leave, vacation, disciplinary procedures,

Setting up work schedules, office structures and monitoring of work performance

News content management, identify relevant and interesting content to present to audience, set-up content strategies and evaluate news tendencies and monitor performances to evaluate

Improve work performance, train staff (internally or organise externally training events)


English, Afrikaans: Fluent in speaking, writing and reading

German: Listening and reading proficient. Basic speaking ability

Chinese: Proficient  in speaking,  limited writing and reading


 Thando Mohlamme, Human Resource Manager at Central Media Group, Bus: 051 5050 900


 * Marietjie Vermeulen, Chief Financial Officer at Central Media Group, bus. 051-505-0900. Mobile Email: [email protected]  Mobile: 082-370-1262

 Dirk Kok, Feature Editor at Wegsleep magazine, Media 24, Cape Town, email: [email protected],  Mobile: 076 4762187

Jonathan Crowther  -  1995 – 2010

Position: Senior assistant-editor ( 1995-1999)  and editor ( 1999-2010)  of  Volksblad.

Tel: 051 436-4758                                                             

Cell: 0825556575/ Email: [email protected]    

  *  Ingo Capraro, national editor of Son at the time Sandra Mulder was editor of Son – 083 8706 368. He is now retired.

     Marga Ley , assistant editor at Beeld in Johannesburg.

Contact numbers: Tel: +27 (11) 713 9000

Fax: +27 (11) 713 9961

 Gary Crouch ([email protected] ) and Kelly Manske ([email protected])  at  Joy  Children’s Language School in Taipei.

Contact numbers: Tel: +886 (2) 2701-6769. Fax: + 886 (2) 2701-2827