Sandesh Senkarappa Krishnan

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2007 - Present

Student Assistant

Binghamton University
  • Installed, maintained and troubleshooted Linux
  • Designed an Information Extraction methodology, University Web Crawler.
  • Designed and developed 3 websites using HTML, PHP, Mysql, Plone
Jul 2006 - Jun 2007

Programmar Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions
  •  Collaborated with the team in development of SSIS Packages to extract data from Warehouse and perform transformations and load them to SQL Server 2005 databases for Reckitt Benkiser
  •  Enhanced data warehouse developed for Ann Taylor Limited,USA. using ASP, VB and SQL server 2000  technologies
  •  Measured the consistency and accuracy of the Datawarehouse using SSIS packages
  •  Saved 30 hours of manual work per month by devising the Datawarehousing accuracy package
Jan 2006 - May 2006


Hewlett Packard
  • Designed and developed in C, a virtual neighborhood of printers which transferred the halted jobs from oneprinter to another printer in the neighborhood in case of printer hardware failure
  •  The halted jobs were transferred to another printer in the neighborhood and a message was sent to the user
  •  This was devised to save around 30-40 hours per month by minimizing user intervention


Aug 2007 - Present


State University of New York at Binghamton
Aug 2002 - May 2006

Bachelor of Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University



SQL(Mysql, SQL Server 2005)





Looking for a challenging Software developement position where in I can use my expertise and skills to achieve the goals of the organisation.


  • Interested in Search Engines, SEO, Data Mining, Crawlers/Spiders, Custom Software Desktop Applications.
  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Solve challenging Real life problems to effective and efficient Software Solutions.


University Web Crawler 

  • Designed and developed an information extraction methodology using Java and Jericho HTML Parser.
  • The websites of Universities all over USA were crawled and a repository containing Department Home pages was populated.
  • Saved 160 Hours per month by devising the crawler, which was otherwise opted to be done manually

LSPA Sunapee

  • Designed the website and worked on the generation of graphs based on a lake database using JSP,Struts, Ibatis and JfreeChart

Secure File Transfer

  • Simulated File Transfer Protocol to transfer files between client and server in C.
  • Created two channels, one on a fixed port to transfer commands and one on an ephemeral port to securely transfer data using RailFence cipher technique on TCP/IP

Proxy Based Content Distribution Server Farm 

  • Designed and developed a client server content farm for file sharing in C.
  • A service request sent from a client to the proxy server is satisfied by the next available server from the pool of servers and files were transferred through TCP and UDP
  • Devised to measure the performance characteristics between TCP and UDP

Unix Shell

  • Simulated the Unix shell in C.
  • The commands given to the shell were parsed and verified. These commands were executed in the developed shell