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Career Objective

My career objective is to obtain a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and to one day work with a corporation in helping them select future employee's.

Work experience

May 2012Aug 2012

Cashier Lead

Kings Dominion

Every morning, the Cashier Leads of Kings Dominion were to report to the park at least two hours before the park opened to set up every register there is in the park with the correct amount of starting cash.  For example, ride photo register's were to have a total of $175.00 in their register; merchandise register's were to have $200.00; and all food and beverage register's were to have $270.00.  Throughout the day, we were to "exchange" registers when other employee's were changing shifts in our designated area of the park.  Once we "exchanged" the old employee's register with the "new" employee's register, we had to calculate the amount of money in the register and check to see that it corresponded with the total amount of declared sales that register was suppose to have.  Once the park closed, we had to collect every register we set up in our section and make sure every starting value was accounted for in our section.  This meant we could be at the park up until two hours the park closed.

May 2012Jul 2012

Guest Services Receptionist

Colonial Downs

As a Guest Services Receptionist, I had to answer any phone call regarding anyone who wanted to make a reservation for an upcoming horse race or track event.  I also had to deal with any questions regarding most, if not all, of the aspects regarding Colonial Downs and the services we.  On live racing days, we were either stationed inside the office answering phone calls and handling customers who had questions or concerns, or we were stationed outside, distributing the tickets to the people who purchased them or dealing with customers who wanted to purchase tickets on the spot.  On days where racing was not live, we provided simulcasting, which was broadcasting all of the live races on the many television's that were downstairs in the "betting" area.  During those days we were required to answer all phone calls, make and process all reservations, and deal with customers questions and concerns.

May 2008Aug 2010

Lifeguard and Swim Instructor

Chester Recreation Association (CRA)

As a lifeguard, my duty was to watch, and protect the lives of each individual person in the water at all times.  Also, I was required to provide proper first aid when needed.  During my shift I had to routinely clean our pools, bathrooms, showers, pool decks, porches, and pavilions.  Along with cleaning responsibilities, maintaining the volleyball, sand soccer, and tennis courts was another responsibility.  As a swim instructor, I taught children ages 5-10-years-old how to swim.  I also had to handle the many responses, questions, etc. of stressed parents.


Jason Boyette

Steve Davies



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