Sandeep Thorat

Sandeep Thorat


Seeking challenging works in the Legal Field and increase my legal knowledge and integrate my skills with growth of clients and company.


I am a complex person who enjoys the simple things in life. My characteristic depends on the situation and to that extent, I could be viewed as having multiple personalities. I am extremely insightful and serious when need be, but most of the time I prefer to be the lighthearted optimist who motivates and aid people in their needs.Helping people is my passion, so most of my work has been for non-profit and volunteer work. Along those lines, I am extremely observant about my surroundings as well as people's thoughts and needs. I like to anticipate others' next move. I pick up skills and tasks very quickly, since I absorb information/knowledge like a sponge.Intellectual discussions are also a pastime of mine. I think it helps to broaden your ideas, knowledge and outlook without having to read a dull book. Discourse keeps your brain young.Essentially I am a realistic optimist who will become a lawyer because having certain inalienable rights mean nothing if you do not know how to properly utilize them.

Work History

Work History

Associate Advocate

Advocate chaudhari, DRT.

3 + years of experience at Hon. High Court Mumbai and City Civil & Sessions Court, Small Causes Court, Consumer Court, Co-Op. Court, DRT, Metropolitan Magistrates Court, Mumbai.

Jan 2003 - Jul 2007




Sep 2010 - Present

Master in International Business and Commercial Law

The University of Manchester

Currently studying Business and commercial Law,

  • International Economic Law,
  • WTO And regional trade Law
  • Globalisation  ,brands and Business organization
  • Unfair Competition Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration Law

Research Paper 1

  •                 Examination of Cases of WTO in Textile and Clothing sector.

Research Paper 2

  •               WTO Dispute settelment and Regional trade agreements 
Jul 2007


Mumbai University



Civil Laws

Ø      Drafting Applications, Suits, plaints, Petitions, Appeals, Litigations, Summary Suits, and P.I.L. Ø      Drafting petitions Under Arbitration Act.   Ø  Drafting Notices, Reply, Rejoinder, Written Statement

Criminal Law

Ø      Drafting applications, Private Criminal Complaints and Plaints Ø      Conducting Trials (Magistrate and Sessions Court) Ø      Drafting and pleading bail and anticipatory bail applications. Ø      Conducting trials in the matters relating to the offences under I.P.C., PETA, E.C. Act, Industrial Act etc. Drafting application and conducting trials U/S 138 of the N.I. Act 1938

Corporate, Commercial Law:

  Ø      Drafting Commercial contracts. Ø      Representation before various forum including DRT, Sessions Court, High Court, Mumbai. Ø      Consultancy and procedural guidance for any recovery proceedings. Ø      Drafting loan documents including user and confidentially agreements and service agreements. Ø      Reviewing/ drafting requisite commercial contracts/documentation relating to real estate. Ø      Advising on the litigation/ legal issues relating to land acquisition, leases and licenses and insurance.