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2 years of IT Industry Experience in Software development.Currently working as  Software Engineer(Android) at  Samsung Electronics India Pvt Ltd, Noida From May, 2001.Worked as Android Developer with Hadron Solution India Pvt Ltd, Mohali From April, 2010 to April, 2011.


To gain employment with a company or institution that offers me a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the betterment of the business. I assure you that I shall leave no stone unturned to satisfy my seniors with my hard work and sincerity towards my duty.

Work experience

May 2011Present

Android Software Engineer

Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd

Working knowledge on Android platform w.r.t. Radio Interface Layer, Android Telephony API, Framework API.Strong experience in Call-related modules, Telephony framework and RIL (Radio Interface Layer) with experienceon Infineon and Qualcomm chipsets.Worked on various GSM Technologies and supplementary services in Call Module. Worked into many Development projects in Java/Android and C in Samsung Engineering Lab for T-Mobile, AT&T, BMC and Rogers for different handsets. RIL implementation for Android handset(for Infineon and Qualcomm chipsets) Responsible for handling factory issues, call, messaging and miscellaneous issues Responsible for handling RIL issues in the application processor Responsible for the Implementation and maintenance of IPC (Inter-Process Communication) for communication between the application processor and the communication processor Implementation for Telephony framework for Android handsets Responsible for operator based feature updates on North America models Implementation of Call Masking for Transfer and Intercept Numbers as per AT&T request Implementation for Call-related modules and settings for Android handsets Responsible for operator based UI updates on North America models Responsible for operator based feature updates on North America models  Implementation of CNAM, Extended CNAM and CityID as per T-Mobile request Integration of Drivesmart feature to T-Mobile handsets GSM Specs: Call    - 3GPP 22.030 (MMI of the UI)            Supplementary Services: 3GPP 23.096 (CNAP)         3GPP 24.081    (Line Identification)          3GPP 22.090 (USSD)          24.082(CF),          24.084(Multi-party calls)        24.083(CW), 24.088(CB)    RIL    -    Infineon and Qualcomm specs

Apr 2010Apr 2011

Android Developer

Hadron Solution India Pvt Ltd

Made Following apps on Android, All these apps are available on android market place. OS – Window7. IDE – Eclipse.Platform – Android SDK(API 3 TO 8).Game Engine – AndEngine.Physics Engine – Box2D.1.    Games : Made 2+ games apps  1.    Doodle Sqaures2.    Currently working on Doodle Food Expedition2.    Paid Apps : Made 2+ paid apps1.    CFA Quant CFA® Level I Quantitative ReviewCFA Quant is a summary of Quantitative section of the CFA level I.A great app that covers all the details for Quant section of CFA level I.2.    Artistic Nudes These are 70+ nude paintings by great artists such as Schiele, Renoir, Degas, Goya, Cezzane, Klimt, Tizian, Gaugin, Rembrandt, Raphael, Picasso, Munch, Spranger, Boticelli, Courbet, Vallaton and many more ... Disclaimer: These paintings are not PORN but represent artist's imagination.3.    Free Apps : Made 25+ free appsSome of them are :-1.    Funny Names of Real People2.    Instant Away Messages3.    Funny Office Terms4.    Politically Correct Terms5.    Funny Shotgun Rules6.    Chicken Jokes7.    Big Hoaxes8.    Funny Signs9.    Crazy Criminals10.    iTouchScreen Camera11.    Dog Humor12.    Henri Rousseau Paintings13.    René Magritte14.    Joan Miro15.    Excuse List16.    Funny Bumper Stickers17.    Max Ernst18.    Piet Mondrian19.    Office Slangs20.    How To Annoy People21.    Crazy Thoughts22.    Cat Humor23.    Gustav Klimt24.    Claude Monet25.    Wassily KandinskyDetails are available online at



Core Java
Android, Core Java, Radio Interface Layer, Android Telephony API, Android Gaming, AndEngine Game Engine, Box2d Physcis Engine
Android, Core Java, Radio Interface Layer, Android Telephony API, Android Gaming, AndEngine Game Engine, Box2d Physcis Engine