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Work experience

Sand Cherry Associates


Stanford University



A leader in management and marketing consultation for the media, telecommunications, and broadband industries, Sand Cherry Associates built its notable list of clientele through the collective experience of its senior team and by producing consistent results. By applying best practices and market analysis that is specialized for the targeted geographic area of development or expansion, Sand Cherry Associates is able to draw on the knowledge of effective product development and marketing campaigns to release new products and services successfully. Located in Denver, Colorado, Sand Cherry Associates saw a rise in European clients interested in its track record and ability. In order to meet this surge in demand, Sand Cherry Associates opened an office in Budapest, Hungary, specializing in telecommunications and broadband services for European customers. The Sand Cherry Associates team is divided across four main areas of support that clients can take advantage of: marketing and sales, market development and expansion, product development, and customer operations. Staying current with growing expectations and a competitive market, Sand Cherry Associates helps companies properly assess the compatibility of a marketing campaign or product with the target consumer demographic, ensuring the best launch of a product or service possible. Sand Cherry Associates also offers four vantage points for the broadband industry, giving a glimpse of executive insight that drives the largest companies to success in their field. Covering multicultural marketing and sales, retail opportunities, multichannel distribution strategy, and reduction of customer churn, Sand Cherry’s vantage points offer sound strategies for issues that top telecommunications companies are currently facing. By combining seasoned industry professionals with services and products from new and exciting companies, Sand Cherry Associates is able to create major opportunities for companies that utilize its strategic insights.