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Work experience

Sep 2012Nov 2012

Quality Inspector

Preferred Quality through Forge

I worked at Preferred Quality as a quality inspector of all parts. Certain parts needed shaving, gauging, or even being marked. My time here was cut short on account of me finding out I was pregnant.

May 2011Jan 2012


Coach Distribution Through Remedy

I have been cross trained to do Retail Returns and Return Repairs.

Returns: I took in what Coach stores didn't sell and put them in the systems inventory to be re-stocked.

Repairs: I am the head of packaging and shipping currently, and I take everything that has been returned for repairs, package it and make sure it gets shipped out the day I handle it. I strive to make sure everything I pack is shipped that day. I am currently only the second person to be able to handle the fast pace in my department. My responsibilities include boxing, putting up inventory, packing, and shipping.

Repairs: I was also trained in keying, which is date entry. Coach used a certain program to key in all consumers information. 

Mar 2011Apr 2011

Factory Worker at BAE


I worked at BAE Systems in the forensics department. I made ink pads, worked in LPC and made drug testing kits, however my time there was cut short due to an allergic reaction from the chemicals.

Oct 2010Dec 2010

Factory Worker Notions Marketing

Express Employment Professionals

Fabric Room: cut fabric to fulfill order, restocked

Fulfillment: scanned orders to make sure it goes to the correct customers, and packaged.

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Factory Worker at Ranir


Assembly, Packing, Cleaned Equipment and Merchandise, Ran an alloyd machine.

Mar 2010May 2010

Crew Member


Fry station, Bagger, Re-Stocking, Window, Cleaning, Dishes, Cashier.

Feb 2010Feb 2010

Factory Worker at Coach

Remedy Staffing

I worked at Coach for about 2-3 weeks because it was through a Temp Agency, and their volume was low.

However in my time there, I did repackaging of merchandise and Reticketing.

Currently I am employed there and have been working there since May of 2011. I work in the retail returns department and handle all the returns from the coach stores or personal items returned from customers.

Jan 2007Jan 2008


A&S Trucking Co.

My father owned a trucking company and made me his personal secretary. My responsibilities were to find loads and call the trucker employees to tell them their next load and unloading stop. I organized his papers, filled out paperwork, took calls and messages, etc.


Sep 2009May 2010

High School Diploma

Jean Ribault High School


I work with Photoshop all the time because I enjoy photography.
Microsoft Word/Express/Etc
I have worked with microsoft for many years. From school projects to making forms for counselors as an assistant.
I have been on the computer for as long as I can remember. I have much knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I am very comfortable with finding research when it comes to figuring things out, whether its polls, surveys, general information or anything needed.
I work on many things at once many times throughout the day and be sure to always give it 100% every time.
Although patience may not be my strongest quality, I work on it daily.
Any past employer would agree that I refuse to let anyone down. I take reliability just as serious as responsibility.
Responsibility is not something to toy with. I take it very seriously and try my hardest to follow through any assignment handed to me on account of it being MY responsibility.
I prefer to work by myself, however being in a team helps as well. It minimizes all the work I have to carry, but I also make sure everything is done properly by the end of it.
Effective Listening
When I am given directions for a task, I make sure to follow through with every detail in mind. On occasion, if a task is needed to be done a precise way, I take notes to make sure I am doing my job right.
Everything in my possession is always in a certain place. Having organization helps me prepare for anything and makes things easier for me.
Verbal Communication
I am very comfortable in any setting. Many people enjoy my company on account of my willingness to get to know anyone I encounter.
Time Management
I manage my time very well, and make sure all my tasks are given 100% at all times.


Mrs. Leadbeater

Ramone Marrero

Ramone was my supervisor while I worked at Coach. He can verify that I am a very hard worker, and I always give it 110% when needed.


I am an 20 year old, hard-working woman and strive to do my best in anything I do. I have many volunteer hours behind me and even though some may not be on paper, I volunteer because I enjoy helping others. My interest in work involve; factory work, healthcare, restaurant, office work, etc.


My interests include: helping others, working hard, keeping busy, music, and many others.


My Volunteering Past Includes:

-Retirement Home: helped the elders with medication, helping them to whatever destination they needed to get to, preparing their meals.

-School Office: arranged equipment in office, filed school papers, greeted incoming people and helped with what they needed, answered and took messages on the phone, made copies of paperwork, formed needed paperwork on Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

-Special Ed Class: assisted the teacher with helping the kids in the classroom, aided children with homework, comforted and communicated with the children, helped teacher in many situations when it came to her own work.

-Father's Old Trucking Company: found routes for employee truckers, filled out necessary paperwork on the computer, made phone calls to truckers to acknowledge them of a future route.