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Passionate Communication and Marketing Manager with skills implementing media communication plans to capture new markets and increase profitability. Adept at communicating across diverse national and international audiences and collaborating cross-functionally to achieve corporate objectives. Recognized for building, managing and implementing effective publicity and public relations campaigns.

Work experience

Mar 2016Present

Account Manager (Sales)

Red Mountain Management

1. Develop a trusted advisor relationship with key accounts, customer stakeholders and executive sponsors;

2. Present and sell company products and services to current and potential clients;

3. Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity;

4. Manage account services through quality checks and other follow-up.

Jan 2016Mar 2016

Financial Analyst 

Ozkardes SRL

1. Determine cost of operations of a Romanian restaurant by establishing standard costs; collecting operational data;

2. Identify financial status by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts;

3. Improve financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management.

Jan 2015Oct 2015

Corporate Communications Manager

Spelleken Associates
  1. Communication with target audiences and managing customer relationships with chiefs of the Moldovan counterpart organisations;
  2. Public Relations in Moldova with press and institutions. Build relationships with key industry media;
  3. Format adjustment and graphical improvement. Create marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic;
  4. Develop and implement communication strategic plans to facilitate the achievement of the company's vision;
  5. Assess clients needs and provide assistance and information on service features;
  6. Proactively cultivate relationships with internal and external stakeholders organisation that will promote the work and reputation of Spelleken Assoc.


  • In charge of preparation of  3 conference events with more than 100 invitees. 

Responsibilites: design of program, invitation and press material; compare and reserve the best facilities for events; preparation of translation services; promote events to the media as internet, newsletters, radio and TV;  coordination of catering and concierge services, manage events logistics,  etc.

  • In charge of launching a  Training Center ("Flacara Albastra").

Responsibilities: design invitations, press documents and promotion materials; contact journalists and promote the event; manage event logistics; monitor the planned event tasks; prepare reports and statistics for management etc.

  • In charge of organizing weekly meetings of  Task Force  (sessions with mayors, independent experts and ONG representatives with the scope of debating stringent matters on wastewater and sanitation system).
  • In charge of issuing a "Guide for Tariff and Tax Design in Wastewater Treatment" as a dynamic instrument for mayors.
  • In charge of developing the local website of the company.  

Responsibilities: site definition and planning; write the content and information architecture of the website; site design etc.

Feb 2015Mar 2015


Becker Consult
  1. Assist and support division in development of business projects;
  2. Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships;
  3. Perform related duties in support of project efforts as design, monitoring, data extraction, research and reporting;
  4. Analyzing data trends and past projects and evaluating their key elements;
  5. Attending and providing support with project meetings.
Jul 2014Jan 2015

Project Assistant

Spelleken Associates
  1. Support of junior and senior consultants;
  2. In charge with monthly newsletter of the company;
  3. Research support for market intelligence: energy and energy efficiency markets, automotive and textile etc. ;
  4. Promotion of German technologies with AEE, Ministry of Environment, ADR and other stakeholders.
Nov 2013Dec 2014

Research Analyst

National Institute for Economic Research
  1. Synthetization of information into reportable; 
  2. Legal assistance for the project;
  3. Translation of Russian reports into English; 
  4. Use of data management techniques.
Oct 2013May 2014

Business Manager (Public Relations)

Samish Enterprises inc.
  1. US market research and identify potential partners;
  2. Terms, conditions and collaboration policy negotiations;
  3. Maintain collaboration agreements;
  4. Develop and build strong relationship with the audience for product.

Address: 616 Corporate Way, suite 2-4305, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

PH: +1 302 261 3821

Contact Person: Thomas Atkins, Alex Rimis. 

Apr 2011Oct 2013

Office Manager

EPOS (Moldovan office)
  1. Manage office work and tasks for other employees;
  2. Prepare and arrange missions for expert;
  3. Writing reports for senior management and delivering presentations;
  4. Report task achievements to the main administration office.

PROJECTS: Health promotion and disease prevention; Breast cancer prevention.

May 2013Sep 2013

Sales Associate

Casting 360
  1. Fluency in English gained through supporting and providing superior service to clients;
  2. Stress management acquired through interaction with angry callers and customers;
  3. Marketing skills gained by maintaining a professional image of the company;
  4. Communication skills gained when being in charge of social media channels.
Jun 2012Feb 2013

Trainee (Kazakhstan relations)

GDS Labs Corporation
  1. Develop customer's data base;
  2. Headhunt for representatives in Kazakhstan;
  3. Instruct and train representatives on providing company's services;

Company address: 1521 Concord Pike, suite 301, Wilmington, DE 19803. 

PH: +302 9669051

Contact Person: Domenic Adams.


Sep 2011Jun 2014

Finance and Banking (English course)

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Banks and Stock Exchanges. Investments and Capital Markets. Finance and Insurance. Applied Foreign Languages. Philosophy and Political Science.

Graduation mark: 9.43.


Mother tongue-Romanian.

Other languages: English, Spanish, Russian.

Honours and Awards

Winner (Grand Prize), Economic Development strategies and directions in Republic of Moldova Conference. Research subject: Nutrition labeling as a component of modern labeling for food products", College of Trading and Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova, 2008. 

Winner (Grand Prize), research subject: “Stress at work", College of Finance and Banking, 2009.

Winner, “International Symposium of Young Researches", Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova. 

Winner, research subject: “Investments in Republic of Moldova", Department-Investments and Capital Markets, Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova. 

Winner, “International Symposium of Young Researches", Department-Finance, Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova, 2012.

Winner, research subject: “National corporations-vectors of economic globalization", Department- Finance, Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova. 

Winner, research subject: “Transition to IFRS in Republic of Moldova: advantages and obstacles", Department- Accounting and Audit, Academy of Economic Studies in Republic of Moldova, 2012. 

Publications in conference and symposium materials 

Nutrition labeling as a component of modern labeling for food products. In: "International Symposium of Young Researches", VII Edition, Republic of Moldova 10-11 April 2009. 

National corporations-vectors of economic globalization. In: "International Symposium of Young Researches", XI Edition, Republic of Moldova, 25-26 April 2013. 

Transition to IFRS in Republic of Moldova: advantages and obstacles. In: "International Symposium of Young Researches", X Edition, Republic of Moldova, 28-29 April 2012. 


Organisation/managerial skills

Business development as corporate communications manager while building up contacts with clients and partners. 

Result oriented, able to achieve the target within given time manifested while contributing to three feasibility studies. 

Adaptability, efficient under pressure, skills gained as project assistant responsible for all different inputs which always need to meet deadlines. 

Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills gained as sales associate while dealing with difficult customers. 

Creative approach to problem-solving developed as event manager of three project conferences.

Communication skills

Public speaking during group meetings and presentations. 

Writing skills developed while issuing a monthly newsletter for stakeholders.

Behavioral flexibility. 

Persuasive communication gained during communicating with various target audience.