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Work experience

Jan 2008Present

SW Engineer

TERA Informatics Pvt Ltd

Product - OfficeLinQ

Environment:Window XP, VISTA,VC++2008,.NET2005 Tortoise SVN, COM, MFC

Duration:Jan-2008 to present


Desktop access - This allows to a Client to control the desktop of a Host machine (Windows PC) remotely using a web browser.

Meeting – This allows the Host to setup a meeting using an Outlook Add-in. At the time of the meeting guests can remotely access the host. The Host can choose to share his entire desktop or a particular application with the clients.

Mail access - This allows a user to pull his Outlook mails on his handheld device. It also allows the user to get alerts when a new mail is received, to send mails, change read/unread status of a mail, forward mails etc from the handheld device and his actions are synchronized with his Outlook account.


Involved in Design, Development, BUG Fixing, Testing

Team Size – 17

.Net, Windows Forms, VC++, COM


1.I worked on developing a new UI for OfficeLinQ using Windows forms. This involved incorporating the functionality of the existing UI as well as developing new features. For this I had to migrate code from VC6.0 (unmanaged code) to VC8.0 (managed code).I also assigned several new modules and developed as new feature for the product.

2.An Outlook add-in is used to create an OfficeLinQ meeting request. The add-in allows an OfficeLinQ meeting request to be sent through the Host's Outlook profile. The add-in captures data from Outlook using Outlook Object Model and MAPI. The development process involves the processing and maintenance of this data in a database (registry at present). It also involves the development of a UI using Windows forms. The module involves a special case change in meeting start time when meeting time already startedso these changes must reflect in database(registry) and Outlook user must notified for such changes.

3.An OfficeLinQ meeting request contains an Meeting ID of 8 Char that is combination of UAM tracker + Machine tracker + Meeting Tracker (20 bit + 10 bit +10 bit) and each next one would have distinct Meeting –Id. I involved in design and development of Meeting-ID generator module.

Enhancement and modifications

1.Synchronized the OfficeLinQ UI with OutLook Addin by creatingmutex ,events and threads. Previously it was handled through using Outlook object model methods.

2.Revised the Meeting Engine start and End process. Changed core logical functionality of whole process. New functionality is totally based on IPC(Inter Process Communication)

using named event ,Waiting for multiple objects and more WIN32 APIs.

Experiencing Now

Com Component

Designing Interface for COM

Marshalling and un Marshalling

Thread Apartments


Used QTP to automate some project modules developed by me, for unit testing purpose.


Pramod Sirotia

Anandita Yadav Kumar



Total experience of 1.5 year with Tera Informatics.

TERA Informatics Pvt. Ltd is a 100% software export unit. It has been developing System Software for US based clients for the last 18 years. Tera Informatics is developing a product ‘OfficeLinQ’ and I have been involved with this product since Jan.’08.


Comfortable to work at any location.


  • Duration - Jan’2008 – Till Presently
  • Company - TERA Informatics Pvt Ltd 



  • .NET, COM, MFC, Win32 & Outlook Object Model


  • VC++, C, C++, XML, VB, UML, COBOL , php


  • VSS 6.0, VM Ware Workstation 6.0, Tortoise SVN 0.9,
  • Bugzilla 2.22 ,QTP 9.0 , NetTalk


  • Oracle 10g/9i, MySQL, MS-Access

Web/ Application Server

  • Apache Tomcat, XAMPP

Operating System

  • Linux (RedHat), WIN9x/NT/2000/XP


  • MS Visual Studio 6.0, 8.0,DreamViewer

Exposure to

  • ATL


  • Programming and Optimization.



·Playing and Watching Cricket.

·Solving puzzles and SU-DOKU.