Work History

Work History
Jul 2013 - Dec 2014

Assistant Professor

APIIIT - Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies
  • My pedagogical activity during this covers a range of core management subjects, namely, Operations Research, Principles of Management,Fundamentals of Marketing, Entrepreneurship & New Ventures Management - for which I was the course coordinator.
  • As Consultant to the technology cell of the Center for Innovation and Technology for Rural Sector (CITRuS), focused on harnessing big data for agronomic decision systems.
  • Conducted the Soft Skills Program sponsored by the University Placement Cell
  • Manager of the team that represented Cuddappah District at the 1st Andhra Pradesh State Powerlifting Championship.
May 2012 - Jul 2012

Management Intern

Godrej Industries Limited
  • Data visualization of Working Capital levels for a period of 12 years at Godrej Industries. Assessed performance with respect to industry standards and used the analysis results to forecast key financial parameters by simple linear regression.
  • As a side project, conducted hypothesis test on the effectiveness of re-branding for sales performance at GIL. Sufficient statistical evidence was found to reject the Null Hypothesis.
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012

Convenor (Administration)

Cognizance - IIT Roorkee

Built a dedicated team of 25 members who were responsible for organizing one of Asia's largest technical festivals. Directly involved in getting sponsorship, event planning and budgeting.

May 2012 - Jun 2012

Chemical Engineering Intern

Khurana Oleo Chemicals Ltd
  • Carried out a detailed analysis of the gas core and liquid film flow through the cylindrical tube based on the theory of Plateau Rayleigh Instability.
  • Proposed a new design for the process equipment that involved a laminar thread of product falling under gravity as opposed to existing systems relying on laminar flow of product along the inner tube wall.
Dec 2010 - Jan 2011

Chemical Engineering Intern

Godrej Industries Limited

Studied the industrial sulphonation process used in falling-film reactors from a reaction engineering perspective.

Sep 2008 - May 2009

Volunteer Teacher

National Service Scheme - IIT Roorkee
  • Student Volunteer Teacher of Prerna, a philanthropic programme concerned with providing quality education to the disadvantaged.




A Study on State Of Earnings Management in India: An Empirical Analysis

(Oct 2014 - Jun 2015)

In an attempt to understand the quality of reported earnings, the study sees the earnings management levels across various sectors. Using residuals obtained from a linear regression based model of reported earnings, the study attempts to understand the state of earnings management in India for a period of four years (2010-2013) across different sectors. As a final step, model based clustering is used to cluster the worst offending sectors/companies according to deviations from acceptable earnings management

Using Black Box methods to identify and resolve Inefficiencies in commodity supply chains

(Aug 2014 - Jan 2015)

Building smart decision systems to remove inefficient utilization of food supply chains by commodity based clustering  of  geo-economic space. Self Organizing Maps (SOMs) were used to identify "hotspots" of demand and supply and build a robust supply network.

Identification of Higgs-Boson using ATLAS experiment data

(May 2014 - Jul 2014)

Application of advanced machine learning methods to improve the discovery significance of the experiment. Using simulated data with features characterizing events detected by ATLAS, to classify events into "tau tau decay of a Higgs boson" versus "background." (Available on demand)

Design and economic cost-benefit analysis of a petroleum refinery producing feed for polyolefin/DMT



Process Optimization Techniques

Financial Modeling

Statistical Modeling

Machine Learning

Market Research

Business Strategy


  • World record holder for organizing the construction of the world's largest hand drawn map. (Cognizance - 2011)
  • Special commendation for exemplary performance (National Service Scheme - IIT Roorkee, 2010)