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Samy Gaber Boutros

Structural Engineer at alkhatib engineering consultants.

Work experience

Site Engineer

Special Protection
Work as A-Site engineer for many projects. Extension of KIRIAZI electric Factory Special Protection Fence Special Protection Fence Under Ground water tank for keriazi gas factory Administration Building Project, Others Supervise some special construction buildings as a technical consultant representative B-Design engineer


Central library
Central library And Dean shifts Buildings

Technical Office Engineer

Technical Office Engineer

Technical Office Engineer

lingawy(Dubai) residential-UAE Technical Office Engineer

Structural Engineer

Al farouqi(Residential)
Work as Structural Engineer Many Projects performed during this period: Mosque of awqaf(JEDDAH)-KSA JCC project(JEDDAH)(MALL)-KSA Al farouqi(Residential)(JEDDAH)-KSA Alumatic, sigma albanwy(JEDDAH) industrial factories(foundation)-KSA
Aug 2014Present

Structural Engineer

Al-khatib engineering consultants.
Mosque of awqaf (JEDDAH) - KSA  Project space program. total area 5000m2 –– Ground Floor and Mezzanine Floor is Hollow Block slab  JCC project (JEDDAH) (MALL) – KSA  Project space program. Total area 18000m2 –– ground floor and Three typical floors, Hollow Block Slabs , raft foundation.  Al farouqi ( Residential ) (JEDDAH) – KSA  Project space program. Total area 750m2 ––ground floor and two typical floors, floor is Hollow Block slab . Raft foundation.  Alumatic, sigma albanwy(JEDDAH) industrial factories (foundation) – KSA  Project space program. total area 5000m2 ––Steel structure Done by Al Zamil , foundation design by us.  Optimum savor (Dubai) industrial factory (foundation only) – UAE  Project space program. total area 5000m2 –– Steel structure Done by Al mammoth , foundation design by us.  Villa lingawy (Dubai) residential – UAE Project space program. total area 500m2 ––Ground floor and first floor is , Flat slabs ,




Faculty of Engineering Cairo University