Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2014 - Present

Digital Communications Officer

University of Porto - Rectory (Chief of Staff Office - Media and Communications unit)

Digital and Multimedia Communications, Digital Content Strategist and Alumni Digital Engagement at the University of Porto Public Relations Department

Main Projects:
- U.Porto Social Media Management (Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google+).
- U.Porto Alumni Digital Communications, Alumni Online Marketing Strategies & Alumni Digital Engagement (Alumni New Website + SalesForce + Linkedin).
- U.Porto Digital Audiovisual Planning & Integration in the Online Marketing Strategies.

All activities and results:

May 2013 - Aug 2014

Educational Technologist and Multimedia Developper

University of Porto - Rectory (Distance Learning Unit / Digital University Department)

Instructional Designer | Educational Videos Development | Teaching internal courses in the multimedia field | Multimedia Researcher and Consultant | International Funded Projects Research Assistant | Management of institutional services |  Management of national and international projects.

Nov 2013 - Dec 2013

E-Learning Course Instructor


Invited trainer of the Lisbon Metropolitan Authority e-learning program managed by TechMinho - (ELA 2 Programme) - Project Based Learning method.

Sep 2003 - Sep 2006

Co-founder and Partner

Comni - Communication Agency

Co-founder and partner of COMNI - Communication Agency. Currently split into two companies (AIR - Creative Communication Agency and Brands Embassy - Marketing, Communication and Brand Business).



Public interventions examples

Interview at IP Magazine
Interview at Professional Integration - Spaces, Buildings and Enterprises Magazine about telepresence in U.Porto.

Speaker at Jornadas RCTS 2010 (Video)
The presentation in Lisbon after the invitation from FCCN / Science, Technology and Higher Education Portuguese Ministery.

National Training and the Experience from U.Porto (Video)
Presentation of the EDUCast project in the RCTS network (Science, Technology and Society) Conference in Santarém Politechnic Institute.

EDUCast at SIC Notícias (Video)
This show "Falar Global" was the winner of the Premium Seed Sciende 2012 award in the category of communication.

His work on the news

Innovative project in the biggest videoconference of the world
"Público" Newspaper

Science and technology showed to the world by a brilliant young mind in the Videoconference Studio
"Jornal de Noticias" Newspaper

27 countries together in videoconference
"Público" Newspaper

Noam Chomsky in the U.Porto
"Primeiro de Janeiro" Newspaper

U.Porto opens to the world  (sound)
University of Porto Radio - "JPR"

Access Grid technology available in the University
University of Porto Radio - "JPR"

Videoconference Tecnhologies in the University (video)
"UPMedia/TVU" - University of Porto Television


Multimedia and Computer Aided Technologies (International Engineering Educator Diploma - Ing Paed IGIP) - Feb 2014 
Short course given by Profª. Susan Zvacek in context of FEUP's accreditation by the International Society for Engineering Education to teach a modular set of training actions, whose curriculum covers very comprehensively the most relevant components of the pedagogy of engineering leading to the award of the International Engineering Educator Diploma - Ing Paed IGIP.

Advanced After Effects (FLAG - Training Center) - Apr 2013 
The Advanced After Effects course provided him the necessary knowledge and skills for an advanced use of Adobe After Effects.

Open Educational Resources (European Foundation for Quality in eLearning) - Nov 2013 
This virtual mobility exchange pilot was organized by 5 EU universities (Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), University of Granada (Spain), University of Pavia (Italy), University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), University of Porto (Portugal)) and European Foundation for Quality in eLearning, in the framework of Lifelong Learning program Erasmus project VMCOLAB - European Co-Laboratory for the Integration of Virtual Mobility in Higher Education Innovation and Modernisation Strategies.

Interactive Documentary - Digital Media - (University of Texas - International Collaboration for Emerging Technologies, CoLab) - Jul 2007
In this workshop he produced an interactive documentary using the City of Oporto and, in particular, the museum of Serralves and Bolhão's Market as the focus. Along Karen Kocher's orientation he discussed the tradition of the “city symphony” film, and how new interactive technologies like DVD Studio Pro and the web can take documentary storytelling to a new level.

Color Management in Graphic Arts - ("Alquimia da Cor" Multimedia and Design School) - Jan 2007
The Color Management in Graphic Arts Course provided him the basic concepts of colour and the differences between the several instruments of mesuring, the definition of ICC profiles and transitions methods, the calibration of TFT monitors with Eyeone Display and the general caracterization of graphic software in terms of colour. This advanced course was held in one of the best schools in Multimedia and Design from Portugal: Alquimia da Cor.

Dinamic Sites Programing - ("Alquimia da Cor" Multimedia and Design School) - Jan 2006
The Dinamic Sites Programing Course provided me the understanding of programing logic (algoritmics), the use of Javascript and XML to the development of interactive sites, the creation of Rich Internet Applications using AJAX and Flash, the optimization of multimedia tools using ActionScript, the development of dinamic web aplications using PHP language and the access, management and use of MySQL databases, the integration of Flash with PHP and MySQL using ActionScript and Flash Remoting/AMFPHP and the development of a platform of contents management.

Internet2 Commons Site Coordinator - (Internet2 Commons | OARnet and The Ohio State University) - Jan 2006
The Internet 2 Commons provided him an international certified site coordinator recognition for technical support of videoconference endpoints and users.

Performing Arts Production Workshop - (TERENA and Internet2) - Jul 2009
The first TERENA and Internet2 hands-on audio/video production workshop that was held and it was hosted by GARR in cooperation with the Music Conservatory of Trieste, in Italy. See video presentation here.



Community Management

Management of University of Porto Distance Learning social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter). Integration of social networks in 3 main procedures: external communication, support service and training to the academic community.

Video Production and Post-Production

Professional video production skills. Post-production skills using mostly the Adobe Professional Tools (Premiére, After Effects, Soundbooth and Encore).


Management of institutional services, management of national and european projects, including team management and administrative management.


Management and strategic implementation of distance education contents; Instructional designing of distance learning courses.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing strong experience using mostly the Adobe Professional Creative Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Adobe Professional Creative Tools: Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

3D Modeling

3D Studio Max