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Work experience

Graphical Designer

Atom iT
Jun 2015Present

Me and a friend of mine recently started up our own IT consultant firm. We work with helping companies and private businesses or individuals integrate CMS into their website. We also help guide them and we even offer to build and develop their own websites from scratch. 
As of me writing this we are still new but we have managed to get a few clients already and our home page is not even set up yet. 

Amongst our early clients are Aloe Rehab, a private hairdresser and an entrepreneur for Forever Living Health Products. 

Personally I am in charge of all design and most front end coding including html/Css and JavaScript/jQuery. 

Kindergarten assistant. 

Hana Kindergarten
Dec 2014Jul 2015

I have been working as a kindergarten assistant the past few months and it’s been very rewarding to me. The kids all welcome me with warmth at the door every morning and I get lots of praise for my work so I feel accomplished in this line of expertise- and it is an expertise. 

To know how to listen and understand what the kids are really saying even when they might be saying something else with their mouth. To understand that when they are mad they might actually be sad. And when their sad they might actually be tired and when their tired they might actually be hurting.  to be able to go from being a friendly play mate that engages in their interests and gets everyone playing together to being a strict guardian that sets clear rules and keeps consistent with them.

To be able to know what moral decision to do even when you faced with a gray area. Like when two kids are fighting for the same toy but you don’t know who had it first. Or when both claim the other started the fight. 

These are all things that I had to learn how to deal with in this line and I’m sure these are things I will bring with me for the rest of my life. 

My Contact at Hana Kindergarten:
manager:  +47 91392192;

Kindergarten assistant. 

Aug 2014Dec 2014

I have been working as a kindergarten assistant for various kindergartens around the state. Only a week or so each place but I like the work and its building my experience. Mostly I’m hoping it will trail onto a more stable work opportunity. This is probably not something I will do for the rest of my life but I enjoy the time I have and the experiences thereof.


Mar 2013Jul 2013

For just a year or so my class in the final year of high school was tasked with registering and developing our own designer firm in Norway. We made an exhibition design firm and where given the task of finding clients. A task that our teachers pretty much did for us. amongst our work we designed some shop windows at Magasin Blå(Magazine blue)a small-medium shopping center by the docks in the busy city of Stavanger Norway. 

I was lead designer and mostly responsible for our logo and marketing. 


Nov 2012Nov 2012

I worked at Ikea as an exhibition designer for about two weeks in an arrangement set up for me by my school. A sort of program where the student try working professionally for two weeks instead of going to school. I worked for free so it’s not hard to understand why Ikea would go along with it. My work mainly consisted of checking all the exhibitions and maintaining them, often also to keep track of all the lightbulbs and which one had to be changed out or help where help was needed. 

Getting to know the professional exhibition designers there, they eventually gave me the responsibility of making multiple different exhibitions all on my own. Mind you none of them where as big as the once in the front windows but it was something and I would be lying if I said I was not proud of their trust in me. 


Farmers Assistant

Private Farmer
Jun 2011Nov 2012

I worked as a farmer’s assistant for about a year or so. it was hard tiring work shoveling shit and transporting hay by hand most of the time but it was physical rewarding to me and I got to spend allot of time alone in my own thoughts which as an aspiring author was a very valuable feature to me. I fed pigs and sheep. Helped rid many acres of rocks to build farmable lands out of them. I weeded entire fields in the hot summer sun and in rain and in snow. I didn't have a car and my parents could not drive me. Most of the time I had to ride out on my own with my bike. A trip that would take me about an hour each way. An hour I didn't get paid for by the way. 

Id often have to wake up before everyone else and ride my bike along the country road in pitch blackness all on my own. I think I was about 17-18 at the time. Can’t say I miss the struggle of being a farmer. But I can’t say I didn't appreciate the experience. 


Html/Css/JavaScript/Php coding. 

Mar 2015Present

I am continually studying coding under this online school. It’s probably not so official but I learned allot here so I think it’s relevant. This place made me absolutely fall in love with computer coding and since I have even started my own firm with a friend of mine as well as inspired me to single handedly start developing a social network. I know I know. How could I ever measure up the giants of Facebook and twitter? Well, I might be overly ambitious but I believe in myself. I say it’s a challenge well fought. 

Exhibition Design

Vågen HighSchool
Jan 2010Dec 2013

For three years I studied design at this high-school. It’s a place I hold dear to my heart and I learned many valuable things here. This school first opened my eyes to look at the real details of my surrounding and notice the hidden patterns. The shapes and the edges. The shadows and colors and how they all interact on a visual field. Don’t we all wish to do our high-school years over again? 


Genki Jacks 
Jun 2013Dec 2013

Straight out of high-school I moved to Japan for about half a year. Mostly meant as a year off to decide what to do next in my life but I decided to spend it whiles studying Japanese. Might as well use it for something I thought. I now know some very basic Japanese. But mostly what I got out of it was a sense of an unknown exotic culture unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Cherished memories and experiences that no doubt will shape me and my work going forward.

3d Digital art. 

Digital Tutors-online
Jan 2011Dec 2013

I spent many years rigorously studying 3d art on my own. It amounted to a firm understanding of shape and size as well as a thorough knowledge of many popular 3d development applications such as Zbrush, Maya, MudBox, Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and many more like it. A few of these years were spent learning from this online school and the knowledge and structure of learning schedules it brought me has since served me valiantly. I value their resources. 


Personally I am a young man that's often overly passionate about my work. I always try to have a positive attitude and a reasonable mind. I firmly believe that there is nothing I can’t do if I really put my mind to it and I also believe in understanding peoples thought process before judging them.  I have learned to be strict in situations where I am responsible to make results happen but in any other scenario I am a very open and easy going person that takes everything in a very understanding manner often with an infinite amount of patience and attention to the people around me. I hope I can make your trust count. Thank you.