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Aug 2005May 2008


Wilkes Community College

I attended WCC from the fall of 2005 through the summer of 2009. Thanks to the professor to student ratios at WCC, I was able to develop a personal relationship with professors and students. As an Applied Science student, I interacted in many group activities and by the relationships we built it was easier for us to complete and learn our assignments successfully together.

Work experience



Tyson Foods, Inc

I have been employed at Tyson since 2005, and have taken on many multiple roles. The positions that I have had over the past 4 years include: Working Main Line Stacking Boxes, Tumbler Operator, Mixed Ingredients, Inventory Data Gathered, Lead Person, Maintaining Safe Area, Line Leader on Line Three, Back Up Group Leader, Control Fryer and Oven via Entering Data into Computer Program, Responsible for Spec Weights, Oversee Work Responsibilities of Others, Cleaning and Maintaining Echlin and Salmonella Free Formax Machinery, Prepare and Complete SOP Forms, Responsible Checking Fryer Equipment and Parts, Down Time Sheets, Enter Time and Temperature of Chicken Processed, and Follow USDA Guidelines.  Through all of these endeavors I had excellent attendance, and as well as zero points.  Not only did I take on each role, I took them on responsibly and safely.


Mutiple Postitions

Armark Food Service

This position served as my job during High school, and a few years post graduation.  I had many mutiple roles that included: Cashier, Stocking Product, Cooking Product, Preparing Bank Statements, Maintaining Safe Work Enviroments, and Customer Service.  Through this experience, I learned the value of diversifiaction.  Through my willingness to learn, I became a well rounded employee.


Safety is key in any work enviroment.  At both Aramark and Tyson, I have taken great pride in maitaining a safe work experience.  I feel like the people and myself's safety is key in any enviroment.  I make sure that I take proper steps in doing so everyday.
Clean up
My job requires me to to wash the machines out and wash the floor. There are times where i am asked to stay and help clean up crew. The job consist of washing out tubs and leaning a hand where needed.
My duty on the job requires me to fill in as a group leader as needed. The job consist of doing checks on the product. on the computer. Making sure that the machines are in running order and the people. Telling people where to go and making sure their back on time.


I am currently employed at Tyson Foods, Inc, in Wilkesboro. At Tyson, I am an Line Operator with various responsibilities that contribute to generating revenue for the company. While at Tyson, I attended Wilkes Community College, and graduated in June of 2009. I achieved a degree while attending WCC, Criminal Applied Science. I am interested in growth within Tyson.  I feel that Tyson shows stability, and potential for personal growth. Through my experiences at WWC and Tyson I have developed great social skills, team values, and a sense of confidence. I am confident that my strong work ethic and experiences will lead me to being a top performer for your company.


I enjoy the outdoors like fishing and hunting. I enjoy getting on the computer and find answers to questions.


Mark Adkins

GPM I work under

Tammy Wyatt

Manager for Fresh Plant Cafeteria

Deb Rotten

Worth Hampton

Supervisor I work under