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Sami Teräväinen

SAP Consultant, Integrations


Currently working for CGI as a SAP Consultant specialized in Integrations in Helsinki, Finland. I started working for CGI in June 2016 and spend first two months in SAP Academy in Lisbon, Portugal. I was not familiar with ERP systems before, but my strong background in technology and programming gave me good upper hand to learn about SAP Integrations. 

Now I have been working in various SAP projects doing various things such as: testing, defining interfaces, defining specifications, doing documentation and developing integrations. In Integrations it is crucial to understand other SAP Modules as well, since Integrations are connected to them and it's crucial to understand the bigger picture as well.

Tools I mostly use in my work are SAP GUI, SAP NetWeaver, Eclipse, Stylus Studio and Microsoft Office.  

I graduated as M.Sc. in June 2016 from University of Turku. My Major was in Embedded Electronics. I have strong background in hardware programming and done game programming as well with Unity.


Software Development Team Working – Practical – Will To Learn  – SAP Integrations  IoT

  Open Minded – Initiative – Ambitious

Work experience

SAP Consultant


SAP Integrations. First two months were spent in SAP Academy Lisbon, Portugal. After that gaining more and more responsibility as skills grow. I feel a solid team member now.

Game Developer

University of Turku
Sep 2015MAY 2016
Game Developer at September 2015-(4 months) Game developer in math game project. Converting and older math game into Unity environment. Coding in C#and in C for PC and mobile environment. Making 3D-models.

Research Assistant

University of Turku
May 2014MAY 2016
Research Assistant at (1 year 8 months) Role as a teacher assistant for various courses. Research in many core-systems. Parallel programs in many- core systems. Thermal sensor calibration for many-core systems.

Shop Assistant

S-Market Somero
May 2008May 2014

Shop Assistant at Somero (6 years 1 month) During high school I worked as a shop assistant/clerk in S-Market Somero. First real job I had. I continued to work there during weekends when I started studying in the University of Turku. I worked there until I got a job at the University of Turku.

Various Summer Jobs


Suitable physical jobs for young hard working man.



university of turku

Major in Embedded Electronics. Couple of scientific publications about many core systems, available in IEEEE Xplore Digital Library. Thesis was titled as "Dynamic Workload Paralellization and System Calibration on Single-Chip Cloud Computer", graded 5/5.


University of Turku

Computer Science, Communication Systems and Electronics

Matriculation Examination

Someron Lukio 

Upper secondary school.



SAP GUI, SAP NetWeaver, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. SAP Integrations is where the strong skills are but I have some understanding of other modules as well. 


I can use the tool for programming as well as for XML purposes. I can also use the tool for connecting it to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. 

Programming Skills

Solid programming skills in  C#, C/C++, Python, VHDL and XML. Can use Java, Assembly and JavaScript as well. Continuously learning about Web Development.


Microsoft Office products, LaTeX, Git, Source Tree, Mozilla Thunderbird, Stulys Studio

Team Working Skills

High level skills in working in team. Good communication and listening skills. Can take responsibility of small project and manage tasks. 

Operating Systems

Can work both in Windows and in Linux environment. Android is familiar from game development with Unity.

SAP courses

SAP Trainings:

SAP01 Overview - BIT400 Process Integration - BIT430 cross component Business Process Management

BIT460 SAP Process Integration Message Mapping - BIT800 Process Orchestration Overview - BIT801 Java Process Integration

SAP Certificates

C_TBIT44_731 Development Associate - Process Integration With SAP NetWeaver 7.31


                                          • Finnish, native               
                                          • English, fluent