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Natonality: Saudi                                                        Date of birth 22/10/1411 H

ID No :1078251855                                                             Mobile : 0554944418
Social status: Married.                                             Address :AlRiyadh - AlNaseem        

Work History

May 2014Present

Chemical analyst

Medical products company and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. ( Riyadh Pharma)

All samples included in the analysis of drug manufacturing include chemicals and active substances and non- effective medicine and to ensure their conformity with international standards in the laboratory holds the ISO certificate and operating technology SAB 



Bachelor's degree in General Chemistry 

King Saud University

Average 2.95 out of 5
Graduation Year  2014

Training cours

> Completed 44- hours training course in “Chemical devices  NMR, GC, UV-Visible ,A AS, ICP, FTIR, Polarography , 2013 ,KSU

> Training Program "Occupational Safety and Health OSHA" for five days by 30 hours of training in KSU ,2013

>  Training Program "safety in chemical laboratories" for a period of 5 days in 2014, K S U

>  International Certificate of advanced information technology skills ( Cambridge ) period of 6 months



Good level in English

Proficiency working on the computer and complete knowledge of Microsoft programs

 Careful work and seriousness    

High ability to cope in a serious and rigorous work system through my work in companies apply ISO system

 Commitment and discipline  

Good conduct and proficiency to work with others and I can get customer satisfaction if the work requires it


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