Sami Galal

Sami Galal

Work History

Work History


EDRC Gezira
Academic Supervision Workshop University, Gadarif-Sudan., PUBLICATIONS

Junior House-Officer

military hospital
Rotating Junior House-Officer Internal medicine (3months) Khartoum Bahari teaching hospital General surgery (2months) Khartoum Bahari teaching hospital General surgery (3month) Joba

Surgical Registrar

— Rotating Surgical Registrar in General I have taken responsibility as the first on call Surgical Registrar, as follows: General surgery Khartoum teaching hospital (6month) Orthopaedics. Khartoum teaching hospital(6month) General surgery. Khartoum teaching hospital(2month) Pediatric surgery. Bahari teaching hospital(5month) Cardiothoracic sudan heart center. (2month) Neuro surgery police hospital(2month) 3 Plastic surgery. Omdurman teaching hospital(3 month) Urology surgery Khartoum teaching hospital(3month) Urology surgery. Ibn Sina tertiary hospital(3month) General surgery. Khartoum teaching hospital(6month) General surgery. Bahari hospital(6 months

algarbia hospital

algarbia hospital
specialist surgeon in UAE-head of department-(delma hospital seha) POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL TRAINING

Assistant Professor of Surgery

surgery-Gadarif University
Assistant professor of I was appointed assistant professor on 2009 and since then I have been rd tacking a major part in teaching lectures as well as clinical round to 3, 4th, 5th and 6 th year medical student, as well as some admistrative duties as course and exam coordination

Specialist General Surgeon

main Regional hospital for the East
Specialist General Surgeon; Gadarif Teaching Hospital: Elgadrif Hospital is the of the Sudan. We are serving a large and diverse population with a wide range of ages and disease presentations. This is also one of the main teaching units for students. iam responsible of my own surgical unit with 9 house officers and 3 medical offices, I have one outpatient clinic, and two all day operating lists per week. I deal with all elective & emergency general surgical patients


Medical council Sudan
Specialist surgeon Number: 516(General Surgery) Health authority of abudhabi(HAAD) specialist surgeon GD16027




university of khartoum faculty of medicine




Laparoscopic surgery