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Financial educator and community leader Sam Folin is actively engaged in a variety of different disciplines, from investment education to local development. Through his boot camp series for investors, Mr. Folin dispels the mystery surrounding financial markets and presents strategies for beginning investors. Mr. Folin has also applied investment strategies to community development and works with his church to demonstrate the negative effects caused by a lack of financial investment in communities in the United States and abroad. For the past eight years, Sam Folin’s boot camps have helped laypeople learn how to sensibly approach investing. Using a model that introduces the idea of investment as simply “buying value,” Mr. Folin presents investing as the purchase of discounted cash flow that could eventually generate equity. Along with information on the pitfalls of certain types of investments, Mr. Folin communicates that by understanding their own risk tolerance and patience level, beginning investors can safely participate in the market. Along with his boot camps, Sam Folin has played an active role in creating financial models for use within his community. Mr. Folin joined with other local leaders to found the Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund, developing a community lending model first instituted by the Institute for Community Economics in Springfield, Massachusetts. Combining development and investment concepts with rigorous lending standards, Mr. Folin and his group created a successful community-based model that succeeded where others had failed. Sam Folin also holds a leadership role within his church as a mission elder. By leading field visits to Africa, the Caribbean, and inner city communities throughout the United States, Mr. Folin has shown members of the Presbyterian Church the damaging effects of poverty, emphasizing why widespread self-determination and participation are invaluable components of a healthy community.

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Senior Consultant

Sequoia Sustainable Finance LLC


Dec 1969Aug 1972


Wayne State university